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    The Slotfather I

    The Slotfather I

    Author V.Caro Published Published 14/01-2020

    The Slotfather I

    Enter the dubious world of the Italian mob in this exciting and thrilling slot machine from BetSoft. You will take your rightful place at the bottom of the pyramid and try to work your way up by spinning the right combinations of symbols and following the rules set up by the Slotfather. This character is inspired by the iconic Godfather, but he is much more generous, in what way will be explained in the features section of this game review.

    This slot machine combines great yet slightly grainy graphics, an interesting story and fantastic music which will put you in the mood to spin the trigger and shoot some wins. A reason for the grainy graphics might be that the game was first released in 2009 which means that the graphics were fantastic for that time but with today’s eyes they might seem a bit grainy, this though does not take away from the fact that this was the first time BetSoft used their signature 3D graphics.

    The Slotfather I

    BetSoft has long prided themselves with creating imaginative and excellent slot machine games, implementing 3D-elements to further stun and immerse their players into a whole new world. The game developer who has been around since 2006, is setting high standards for the iGaming industry yet many of their games are still on a Flash system, requiring a flash download to work. This is true for the video slot “The Slotfather I” which has not yet moved to an HTML5 system. BetSoft is working on making this transition but the transition is slow and therefore any player who is interested in playing BetSoft games must be aware of this. The game supplier is licensed and regulated by several gaming authorities among them the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curacao eGaming Authority. Additionally, the supplier has had their games tested and certified by international testing labs Quinel and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).


    The game map is designed as many of the most popular games on the market namely a 5-reel/3-row slot machine. There are 30 pay-lines and it is up to the player to select how many bet lines should be active. The player can also choose how many bets should be made per line. One can bet 1,2,3,4 or 5 times on each bet line. The minimum coin size is €0.01 while the maximum coin size is €1. This equals a minimum bet of €0.3 and a maximum bet of €150. The Return to Player (RTP) percentage lays at 95.69%. The game is highly volatile meaning that wins are far between. Despite this, the entertaining features make it worth to try out for all players. Another point worth mentioning is that this game has a progressive jackpot. This means that spins accumulate to the Jackpot which can only be won if a special combination of symbols is spun.

    This slot machine welcomes the players to the Italian mob table where plans are made, cigars are smoked, red wine is being drunk, and pasta is eaten. The symbols reflect these activities. The plate with pasta, the cigar and the map of Italy are just a few of the low-value symbols. The four mob members are the high-value symbols and spinning combinations of these symbols will activate the game`s special features. The value of the symbol depends on how many active pay-lines there are – the more pay-lines the better the pay-out. There is no Wild symbol in this game, but we at FindFairCasinos did not miss it due to the other fun features of this game.

    The Slotfather I - Pay-out - symbols

    At times the intricate symbols can seem a bit messy, but together with the slot machines soundtrack they emphasize the theme and immerse the player in this world. Additionally, there are some first-rate animations marking wins and in combination with the special features.

    As previously mentioned Betsoft has not yet managed to transfer all of their games from a Flash system to an HTML5 one, this, unfortunately, matters when it comes to the availability of the game on a variety of devices. Many smartphones and tablets are not compatible with flash and players will therefore not be able to play The Slotfather on these. We at FindFairCasinos hope to see BetSoft finishing the transition as soon as possible, especially since flash is being discontinued in December 2020.

    Game Features

    A slot machine without any type of features is unthinkable. The features are usually what make the games stick out and keep players coming back for more. One of the most common features is including a Wild. The Wild symbols usually substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination. We were therefore very surprised to find out that “The Slotfather” had no Wilds. Instead, this slot machine has five features dependent on the player spinning specific symbols in specific combinations. In this section, we will go into the details of the different features.

    Progressive Jackpot

    The jackpot in this game is progressive meaning that it increases by each time the game is played and the jackpot is not won. At the top of the screen, players can see the progressive jackpot counter and see whether or not it increases or not. To win the jackpot a player must spin five of “The Slotfather” symbol, the symbol can land on any pay-line. The jackpot cannot be won during any of the other features of this game.

    Sneeky Win

    For this feature to be triggered two symbols must land next to each other on lines 1,2 or 3. The symbols the player must manage to land next to each other are the “Sneeky Gangster” symbol and the “Suitcase” symbol. When this happens the Sneeky Gangster will reach out and grab the money in the suitcase and award it to the player –in other words, an instant win!

    The Slotfather I - Sneeky Gangster Win

    Multiplier Mob

    The premise to activate this feature is the same as with the “Sneeky Gangster” but instead of matching the “Sneeky Gangster” with a suitcase the player must match the “Old Gangster” symbol together with a “Tommy Gun” symbol. When this happens, the Old Gangster will reach out and grab the gun, start shooting and bullet holes will appear where he shoots. The player must then choose one of the bullet holes which will reveal how many free spins the player will receive as well as how many times the pay-out will be multiplied. The player can receive anything from three to ten Free Spins and the pay-out can be multiplied 1x to 3x. By managing to activate this feature the player will also receive an additional 75 credits.

    The Slotfather I - Multiplier-Mob-Win

    Underboss Scatter

    Three “Fat Gangster” symbols are needed to trigger this feature. The symbols can land anywhere on the game map and as soon as it happens the word “Scatter” will appear. This means that all the symbols will become scatter pays awarding the player with a big win.

    Bonus Round

    The final feature is only triggered by spinning three or more of the “Slotfather” symbols. When he appears, he will offer the player an offer they cannot refuse. The player will have to choose three of six businesses where the Slotfather’s game will be placed. The earnings from the three chosen businesses will be added to the total bonus which the player can win. It is cool that the game transports the players to another venue and then back to the table where the base game takes place, this is something we are very impressed by. Unfortunately, due to the high volatility, it takes a lot of spins to reach this bonus round.

    The Slotfather I - Bonus Round Win


    There are some issues with this slot. The two major issues being that the graphics are somewhat grainy and the second being that the slot still is on a flash system. The first issue is one that can be ignored thanks to the cool animations and the 3D elements. The second issue means that this slot is not available on several hand-held devices which is a pity.

    The video slot does not have a wild symbol, but this is not missed. The rest of the game’s features make up for the lack of a wild symbol by working in innovative ways and being exciting and thrilling elements of the slots where the player has a big chance to spin great wins. We at FindFairCasinos understand that high-volatility games like this one do not attract everyone, but the features are unique and something we believe everyone should experience.

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