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    how to play slot machines

    How to play Slot Machines?

    If you are in for a life-changing Jackpot, you might want to try the online slot machines at one of the casinos available through our FindFairCasinos site. In the past, slot machines did not pay out outrageous sums, but times have changed. The typical user of the slot machines used to be a person who was not comfortable or suited to play at the Casino table, but today we experience that players using the slots are more than often looking for a fun experience with a potential reward as an outcome.

    Nowadays the casinos make up to 70percent of their revenue from slot machines. One way the casinos try to attract new players are by offering free spins with no deposit, or simply just free spins.

    When the players are entering the casino sites, up to 80percent are heading for the “slots” as they typically called.

    Playing slots is very easy, just select a coin-value and press the start button or pull the arm. There are not many rules you have to know about and the rules that apply are quite similar from a slot machine to a slot machine. Therefore, it is a more relaxing game than traditional table games[/a], where you typically have to prepare a certain strategy to be successful over a longer period of time.

    On the slot machines, spins typically vary from 2-cent to 100 dollars per spin, depending on the slot chosen, and most reel spinners take 2 or 3 credits at the time, except if you have free spins available to apply.

    Learn How To Play Online Slot Machines

    In this excellent video tutorial uploaded to Youtube by All Gambling Sites, you can really get a feel for the game and most importantly; Learn How To Play Online Slot Machines:

    Payouts of the slot machines

    Over the years the payout on slot machines has risen since the competition in the casino industry has grown. It means that you can play more, and win more than previously seen.

    Online casinos, in general, have the highest payout percentage, with most of them offering slot machines with over 95percent RTP (return to player), as a direct result of the volume of slots available and the fierce competition in the industry. Online casinos are also the place where you find the most amount of free spins with no deposit.

    In the old days, the slot machines were mechanical, and you could calculate when it would pay the next jackpot out, but it was only around 50- 100 $ you could win from them. Today the slot machines are driven with a microprocessor that can contain data from millions of pulls and make progressive jackpots worth up to millions of dollars.

    The odds of hitting the jackpot is the same at every game and for every time you pull, so a good idea is to set a maximum spend and not to make the mistake of thinking the jackpot will soon be there. Therefore, a piece of good advice is to claim all the free spins with no deposit that the casino can offer you since you have the same chance on every pull.

    Mega Casino is an online casino with a variety of slot machines, try them out by joining Mega Casino today. New players will receive a 100% Match-up bonus on their first deposit.

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