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    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 25/01-2020 have suffered from legal issues in recent times that stem from a former employee of theirs being accused of entering the country with a large sum of money with the intention of bribing government officials in order to facilitate the establishment of a new casino.

    The information has been released by prosecutors within Japan who are carrying out an investigation. The case is being classed as bribery and sees the former employee being shown to have taken the money out in Hong Kong and then travelling to Japan. The man was working as an advisor to at the time when the offence is reputed to have taken place.

    It’s believed that once the cash was withdrawn the advisor made his way to the office of a government official with another member of staff. They are believed to have made a donation to the official for his political fund, but with the caveat that he provides some personal favours that will allow the new casino to be built.

    The government official was a member of the ruling party within the country and had a big hand in the current legalised gambling policies that are in place in the country. However, he was arrested on Christmas day last year due to the belief that he had been taking bribes in order to smooth the way for the casino to be built.

    Political donations can only be domestic

    Even without making the donation, the advisor had broken the law due to the sheer amount of cash that he brought into the country. By making the political donation he also broke the law as foreign companies and people from foreign countries are not allowed to make donations that can impact on policy within Japan.

    All three men involved were arrested near the end of 2019 due to the ongoing bribery case that is being brought against them. It has created a lot of trouble for

    That isn’t the end of the case either. There are also five other government officials that have taken money from in order to help facilitate the new casino. As all of the men were part of a group that put forward the suggestion that should be given the licence to operate the casino it means that they could all face a similar fate to the other three men who have been arrested.

    Of the five additional men one of them has admitted to having taken the cash. It means that he has been removed from his political party because of this, although he is still in his position as a lawmaker. He hasn’t decided if he will resign from his position yet.

    It also came out that there is an arrest warrant out for a number of the lawmakers which will see them placed in jail until the case goes to court. Of the additional five accused lawmakers four of them have denied taking a bribe.

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