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    Digitain show off their new platform at industry show

    Digitain show off their new platform at industry show

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 07/10-2019

    Digitain intends to show off their new platform at the latest Betting on Sports exhibition during mid to late September. This is expected to include their full range of services and is anticipated to impress a range of attendees.

    After winning a number of awards recently Digitain is on a roll and they are expecting to really make a name for themselves at the latest conference. They will include a range of employees at their stand to make sure that the new platform is able to be shown off properly. Digitain do not intend to let anyone leave their stand without being fully impressed.

    Top dogs on show

    Digitain will have some of their key people at the stand in order to make sure their wares are shown off in the correct manner. This is part of their intention to expand across a number of continents at a fast rate.

    Increasing their customer base

    Part of the reason that Digitain has been growing at such a fast rate is that they offer such a wide range of sports to bet on. They offer more than 60 sports and include well over 2,500 markets within those sports.

    Their software platform currently allows players to place a wager on almost 40,000 different sporting events every single month. On top of this, they also include nearly 3,500 casino games to casino operators on the platform, which are provided by some of the top names in the industry.

    Digitain has released a press release that covers a number of areas. Firstly, they have announced that they intend to grow alongside the sports betting market. They are constantly adding markets and services to customers, thus, they are spreading out across the world with a number of new offices. This is to make sure that they are ready to comply with all different markets whenever they can and to keep up with the requirements of each regulator.

    Secondly, they have made sure that their platform can be easily implemented in a number of different geographies. This will cover everything from the different requirements by regulators to the different payment models that are needed in each country. They also offer high levels of security as well as giving their customers the option to offer mobile betting.

    Other partnerships

    Digitain has also signed a new deal with WesternBet. This will allow them to make continued moves into the African market. The levels of growth this will offer, as Africa is an emerging market, will allow Digitain to significantly increase market share and revenue. WesternBet will also gain a wide range of services to make sure they are a market leader in the region.

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