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    Gateway and the NFL become partners

    Gateway and the NFL become partners

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 28/08-2019

    Gateway Casinos has signed a landmark deal with the NFL to become their official casino partner. This will see them become the official partner in Canada and on top of this, their MATCH Eatery will become the sole sponsor for the new NFL Fantasy App.

    The deal itself is in place for a number of years. This means that Gateway will be given the rights to use any NFL trademarks within North America and Canada. This also includes them being able to promote their business during some of the most important NFL events each season. One huge aspect for Gateway is that they will be allowed to do so at the Super Bowl.

    The Gateway statement expressed their delight that they felt at being partnered with the NFL. As the most popular sport in the USA and Canada, it’s an important milestone for Gateway as a company. It allows Gateway access to a huge number of viewers each year, while also giving them the ability to showcase their casino at some of the most famous events in the world. The amount of prestige that this will give to Gateway is almost difficult to comprehend.

    Increase the speed of business

    NFL Canada also released a statement where they too explained how happy they were with the deal. Because Gateway is a company who is dedicated to standing out on the market, the NFL felt that they were the perfect brand to partner up with. The NFL feels that this partnership will help them to grow their support base in Canada.

    Range of sponsors

    The first aspect that Gateway will be offering to their customers is through the NFL Fantasy Draft. This will involve Gateway giving customers a new NFL themed experience throughout its range of different properties. It will include both their casinos and their food outlets. It will also extend to include a range of game day themes that will improve the overall experience for customers, whilst making the most of the new NFL sponsorship. This will include special decorations on game day, a range of promotions and even meet and greets with both active and retired players.

    An opening special

    Gateway has set up an opening special event in order to showcase their new sponsorship deal. This will include a number of different events based around the NFL. The NFL Fantasy Draft is their first one. This will be followed up by two more events that are also based around the NFL. All in all, Gateway have decided to spend a lot of time pushing the new sponsorship agreement.

    NFL spending

    The marketing spends for the NFL has been increasing at a constant rate over the last few years. This has culminated in a spend of almost $1.5 billion in marketing for the NFL last year. A lot of the increase in marketing spend can be put down to sportsbooks being able to offer their services in the USA which means that deals with these companies are new revenue, this, in turn, trickles into the marketing spend and explains the increase.

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