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    Groove Gaming and SoftSwiss agree to a partnership

    Groove Gaming and SoftSwiss agree to a partnership

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 03/09-2019

    Groove Gaming have agreed to supply their content aggregator software to SoftSwiss in a new deal that will help both companies grow to new heights.

    The new deal will allow SoftSwiss to offer a number of new titles to players, while also helping Groove Gaming to improve their name within the industry.

    The statement announcing the deal made it clear that Groove Gaming will be releasing its unique games roster to a large number of SoftSwiss outlets.

    Customers around the world

    SoftSwiss already have a top level number of partnerships in place. They have software providers from around the world agreeing to work with them, which means that this latest deal just helps to expand their reach. It also means that Groove Gaming will have additional countries where their games will be seen.

    Improved offerings

    This will give customers of SoftSwiss the ability to play a number of games from Fugaso as well, which is likely to increase excitement about the deal.

    More titles available

    The titles from Fugaso are just a small selection of what will be available to SoftSwiss though. There are also a wide range of other titles on offer which will work to make the games roster at SoftSwiss casinos one of the best on the market.

    There are a huge range of titles that have been collected by Groove Gaming, incorporating every area of the iGaming market. They have well over 2,000 different casino games available to players making them one of the top aggregators on the market.

    One of the big areas that Groove Gaming stand out from its competitors is that they offer operators in different regions the ability to cater how their games work to that specific market. This allows each casino to make sure that the games they have available are designed to appeal to players in the market where they are based.

    Currently going places

    SoftSwiss released a statement saying that they were delighted to be able to add the software that Groove Gaming have available to their casinos. They expect the announcement of the Groove Gaming roster of games to increase visitors to their customers. This combined with the reliable way that Groove Gaming do business means that SoftSwiss are extremely excited about the new deal that they have managed to sign.

    Groove Gaming also offered a similar level of joy about signing the new deal. Because SoftSwiss offer a range of top level technology, this deal means that Groove Gaming will be able to compete in the market in a much more effective manner. They are also very happy to be providing their content to the players at SoftSwiss casinos.

    Even though they are making such a big name for themselves at the moment, Groove Gaming are still a relatively new company, at just three years old. They have managed to work with some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry and intend to continue growing at such a level.

    More new deals

    Groove Gaming have also signed a new deal with Revolver recently. This helps to increase the number of titles that they have available on their aggregator platform. Already at well over 2,000 titles they are pushing closer to hitting 3,000 with every deal that they sign. They also have Playson and Play’N Go signed to deals, so there could be more big names signing on in the near future.

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