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    Habanero and Winbet sign a new partnership deal

    Habanero and Winbet sign a new partnership deal

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 27/01-2020

    Habanero have signed a new deal that will see their entire roster of casino games become available to the Romanian market. The fully regulated market is available to Habanero after they signed a deal with Winbet. After signing the deal Habanero also had to make sure that they became fully regulated to operate within the region with the Romanian licensors.

    This new deal is actually just an addition to the old deal that the two companies had signed, which saw Habanero entering into the Ukrainian market.

    Winbet are based in Bulgaria and operate a number of different online casinos as well as brick and mortar venues. It also covers a number of sports betting options. The main aim of the company in recent times has been to grow across Europe.

    Winbet is already seen as the top brand in Romania and has taken the mantle of market leader. This new deal will see Winbet extend its influence on the market.

    Habenero has already managed to get its roster of titles cleared by the regulator so this means that there will be no waiting period while details are cleared up. Winbet will have access to the whole portfolio instantly.

    Growing into Romania and beyond

    Habanero have put out a statement saying that they are very happy to have signed a deal to begin operating in Romania. With an incredible 2019 performance behind them they hope that this will be the start of a successful 2020.

    They also commented that Romania is seen as one of the biggest growth markets in the whole of Europe so signing this deal was vital for the company to keep moving forwards. They are hoping to be able to sign more deals in the coming months.

    Winbet were also very positive about the new deal. The COO for the company said that they were delighted to have signed a deal to allow Habanero to make their entrance into the Romanian iGaming market.

    This new deal comes just after Habanero announced that they had signed a deal to begin offering their roster of games to the Portuguese market.

    The entry into the Portuguese market came at the end of a hectic 2019 which saw the company growing across a number of different regulated markets in Europe.

    With 2020 only a month old Habanero can feel positive that they have made good movements in the market so far. They are hoping to continue their growth across the continent as well as moving across to other markets such as South America.

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