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    Microgaming unleash Cash Mountain across the MPN

    Microgaming unleash Cash Mountain across the MPN

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 23/08-2019

    Microgaming has started their second leaderboard contest this year. With over $20,000 in prizes up for grabs, players who go for real money poker through the MPN has the chance to grab a secondary prize on top of their winnings.

    Star name

    The MPN is to play host to the excitingly named Cash Mountain promotion from the middle of August. Any sites that have a link to the MPN will be offering access to players. The contest is to offer three different competitions, all lasting a week. The prizes on offer for the top five of each week will give players the choice of a cash prize, tickets to live events or tickets to online poker tournaments.

    More chances to win

    Microgaming is also giving players on a losing streak the chance to grab a cash prize. Any players who have played at least 100 qualifying hands for Cash Mountain will have the chance to win a consolation prize of $55 each day of the tournament.

    Barrier to entry

    Microgaming stated in their press release that they are extremely excited about the tournament starting up. They revealed that Cash Mountain will give players who have played more than 2,500 hands, with a qualifying stake in place, the ability to earn points based on how they play. Due to the success of their previous tournaments, they think that Cash Mountain is going to give players a great month of playing poker.

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