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    More deals for Red Tiger

    More deals for Red Tiger

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 03/08-2019

    Red Tiger Gaming has signed yet another deal with an online casino operator. With Belgium now another country where their games are available due to this deal it’s safe to say that signing with has given Red Tiger Gaming the ability to keep expanding. currently has the largest market share in Belgium at the moment. So, it instantly gives Red Tiger Gaming the opportunity to keep pushing for growth within the European market, which includes a lot of markets with tight regulations.

    Dealers Casino offer fun, excitement and a chance to win the big jackpots.

    GAMING1 is one of the operators that Red Tiger Gaming has signed a deal with. As such they have wasted no time integrating their games onto their casino. This means that they have access to some of the best video slots that Red Tiger Gaming has on offer including Thor’s Lightning.

    Statements from each company

    Red Tiger Gaming is said to be delighted that they have managed to sign up with Circus. With this new agreement, now they have gained the ability to make progress into Belgium which is an entirely new market for them. This gives them the opportunity to grow their brand. By partnering with an already established and market-leading brand, it means that they will be starting with a certain level of prestige. Red Tiger Gaming feels that this will help both companies to keep growing. expressed similar opinion, saying that having the ability to provide its players with Red Tiger Gaming games meant that they have instantly improved their service.

    How to play

    Circus is fully regulated by the BGC and their casino can be used on both, desktop and mobile devices.

    Red Tiger Gaming also offered their games to Wildz, which is a brand new casino run by Rootz. Each user has a completely personalised experience and is expected to garner a great deal of interest.

    Red Tiger new slot

    Red Tiger has also released Win Escalator which features a wide range of bonuses, including Diamond Wilds and has low volatility to make sure that wins keep on coming regularly.

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