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    NetEnt AB Get Pennsylvania iGaming License

    NetEnt AB Get Pennsylvania iGaming License

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 30/03-2019

    Just a few weeks after being granted a full gaming license for the state of New Jersey, the Swedish iGaming operator, NetEnt AB, have announced that they will be in receipt of a similar license from the state of Pennsylvania.

    This license, known as an Interactive Gaming Manufacturer Conditional License is, as the name suggests, only conditional, but it will grant them access to the state’s growing gambling community.

    A Big Move

    A few states have moved to license several forms of gambling in recent months, and Pennsylvania is just one of several. The conditional license they have granted to NetEnt AB means that the much-loved Swedish developer will be allowed to supply their wealth of high-quality titles to all iGaming websites in the United States.

    The move comes after gambling legislation was changed in October 2017, allowing a wide range of iGaming services, online casinos included, to setup shop in the state. The authorities recently postponed the launch of iGaming sites, but it has been in receipt of a number of license applications and these should be granted and used very soon.

    These license applications come from a wide range of land-based casinos already operating in the state, and if granted the licenses will allow them to offer online and mobile gambling services inside their casinos and other regulated venues.


    The Managing Director for NetEnt AB, a Mr. Erik Nyman, expressed great pride at pushing this license through, noting that it was a perfect fit for his company’s long-term strategy and also suggesting that they are ready to go live with their casino games as soon as they are granted permission to do so.

    This is not just big news for NetEnt AB, it’s also big news for the many casinos that will be granted access to their selection of award-winning games and it’s big news for players as well. NetEnt AB are huge in regulated regions outside of North America, with countless fans waiting on every single game they release, and now players in Pennsylvania, and no doubt many other states to come, will be granted access.

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