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    Ohio casino gaming

    Ohio benefits to the tune of $3.6 billion from casino gaming

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 13/06-2018

    New research from the American Gaming Association (IGA) regarding casinos and communities has claimed that Ohio has seen economic benefits of $3.6 billion from its casinos. The research was unveiled at Lebanon`s Miami Valley Gaming (MVG).

    Throughout the state, the gaming industry is an engine of innovation for communities and its partners. We are engaging and supporting area small businesses, creating new partnerships with local non-profit organizations and providing good jobs that pave a path to the middle class for workers of all backgrounds,” President and CEO of AGA Geoff Freeman stated recently. “Today, gaming provides $804 million in supported wages and more than half a billion dollars in gaming tax revenues annually across the state. As the industry continues to grow, so, too, do the opportunities for our surrounding communities.

    "What we are seeing with the gaming industry in Ohio is a microcosm of how our economy looks when it is working as it’s designed to function,” U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot agreed. “Private investment creates employment opportunities for local workers, including those with disabilities, which leads to economic growth, and higher tax revenues. Higher revenues, in turn, help to support more robust local services. Simply put, everyone benefits.

    The Casinos & Communities report from the AGA focuses on the support which the gaming industry can give to local communities via non-profit partnerships and initiatives with the local workforce. This is the first report of this nature produced by the AGA, and it demonstrates that in most parts of Ohio that are home to gaming facilities the industry has created a number of partnerships with both elected officials and the leaders of nonprofit entities.

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