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    Oregon are set to open up their first sportsbook

    Oregon are set to open up their first sportsbook

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 05/09-2019

    Oregon are all set to have their first regulated sportsbooks open in time for the NFL season opener. This comes with the lottery set to follow up with their own sportsbooks in the near future

    The Chinook Winds Casino Resort will be the first location to offer a sportsbook to customers in Oregon. With it opening at the end of August, it will become the first sportsbook on the entire west coast.

    After the announcement of the first casino-based sportsbook within Oregon, it was also revealed that the lottery would be offering a sportsbook too. However, they intend to offer a wider range of markets than the casino.

    The difference between the two sportsbooks is that the casino one will only offer its services inside the casino, whereas the lottery version will offer the ability to place wagers from anywhere.

    Chinook Winds sportsbook

    There are two legal reasons why the tribal casino in Oregon can now open their sportsbook.

    Oregon previously belonged to a number of other states that had the ability to circumvent the ban on sportsbooks. When the countrywide ban was first put in place it was allowed to offer certain types of bet to customers. However, the number of places offering this service fell to zero by the late 2000s. This loophole still meant that Oregon felt they could attempt to overturn the ban.

    Delaware also offered a similar service, and along with Nevada and Montana they were still offering customers the ability to place a specific type of sporting bet. These four states together were the only ones with loopholes to the ban.

    The state laws in Oregon also mean that the Chinook Woods tribe are allowed to have a sportsbook. This is because there is an agreement in place between Oregon and the different native American tribes that states the lottery cannot offer anything that the tribes can’t. Because the lottery are allowed to offer a sportsbook, so can Chinook Woods.

    This will make Chinook Woods not just the first sportsbook in Oregon, but the second tribe in the whole country to offer sports betting without having a full regulation in place. There was another tribe that started offering sports betting in 2018.

    Chinook Winds are not the only tribe looking into sports betting. There are as many as eight other tribes who are looking into setting up their own sportsbooks.

    Sports betting isn’t a completely positive step

    Earlier in the year the Oregon Lottery Commission announced that they had plans to start offering a sports betting service. They ended up signing a deal with SBTech, after carrying out a range of research on who would be best placed to provide the solution for their service. It would allow them to offer the services in a digital marketplace, which they felt was vital as the lottery is not offered from one specific location, like a casino is.

    SBTech are geared mainly towards offering sportsbooks with their technology. They are currently placed within a number of different casinos across the USA, which puts them in position as an experienced provider of sports betting services.

    This hasn’t gone down well in all quarters though. Some other companies have made complaints about the choice of SBTech. This is because they are alleged to be offering sports betting services in countries where it is not legal to place a wager on a sports game.

    Increased tax revenue

    The money that SBTech will be earning from Oregon will be more than $25 million. This amount will not be paid by the tax fund though. The money to SBTech will be paid from the revenues that are created by sports betting within the state. The yearly revenues are predicted to be well in the hundreds of millions, and because of this the amount paid to SBTech is seen as a drop in the ocean.

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