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    PokerStars gives players the chance to win a seat at the EPT

    PokerStars gives players the chance to win a seat at the EPT

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 15/09-2019

    PokerStars have announced their latest promotion to the world. They are offering players the chance to win themselves a seat at the buy-in for the EPT (European Poker Tournament) next year. The seat has a value of more than $25,000 which means that amateur players who do not have that level of funds will now have an opportunity to make it to the European Poker Tour.

    In a press release last week PokerStars revealed that they will be running the new campaign right away. There would be ten players in total who would be able to win the prize. They would be entering in the Barcelona leg of the EPT, and with the total value of the passes rising to almost $30,000, it is a prize that will leave many poker players salivating.

    Padding out the competition

    PokerStars have made it clear through their parent group that the tournament they will be running is all linked into the EPT. The whole package will be more than just the buy-in which stands at just shy of $25,000. There will also be a hotel for two people for the duration of the tournament and the package will also cover their flight cost on top of any additional costs associated with the travel. The real prize though is the opportunity to compete with the other players in the EPT. As one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, it would give the winners the chance to make a name for themselves and give them a chance to walk away with more than $5 million if they are able to win the whole tournament.

    Big chances for players

    The prize will be awarded on a random basis. On top of this, it will be split between the two different PokerStars domains. PokerStars released all this exciting information through a press release. They stated that both the and PokerStars.fres websites would give out five of the prizes to their players at random. Furthermore, there will also be additional promotions unveiled from now throughout the tournament.

    The spokesman continued to say that they were delighted with how the tournament went last year and intended to make this year’s even bigger. Because winning the tournament gives players the opportunity to make it to the EPT, it means they then have a chance to win the kind of money that would set them up for life. As such, they feel that this promotion helps to give regular Poker fans the chance to be involved in a big part of Poker.

    More places for players

    PokerStars have announced that this promotion was coming hot on the heels of their last promotion that awarded five places in the Barcelona leg of the EPT. This tournament also included a prize of almost $10,000 on top of the place in the tournament. Only the winner got the cash prize while the four runners up were all awarded a place in the tournament.

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