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    The Prancing Pony becomes first Pariplay game on the PXPlay framework

    The Prancing Pony becomes first Pariplay game on the PXPlay framework

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 22/08-2019

    Most people knew that it wouldn’t be long after PXPlay was announced that new titles for the framework would be coming along. Pariplay has done just that and announced their first release for the framework, The Prancing Pony.

    The game features fantasy elements that will take players into a delightful world full of magical creatures.

    Launched in July

    The Prancing Pony will be released to a range of different casinos in order to showcase exactly what PXPlay can do. The framework can be used for almost any iGaming service and is therefore expected to be used at outlets around the globe. It will also make it much easier to optimize games for mobile which will increase the speed of casinos by a large amount.

    Lord of the Spins

    The game itself is set in the world of the Hobbits. Because of this, it includes a huge range of characters that feature in the movie which was based on the books written by Tolkein. This gives it an extra little bit of punch that the fans of this franchise are craving for. The name of the game comes from the inn that is featured at the start of the 2013 Hobbit movie.

    What to expect

    With five reels and six rows, The Prancing Pony instantly has a slightly different look to it than other video slots. Add to this a higher number of paylines and players will be hooked right away. The symbols within the game are all based on characters from the world of Tolkein and because of this authenticity, players feel right at home.

    You can expect to pull in the biggest win if you manage to use the wizard to create your winning lines. This will pay out more than seven times your stake for every payline that it is created on. The wild symbol also acts as a replacement for every other symbol in the game as well as giving a decent sized payout of its own.

    The symbols are not the only way to grab a payout on The Prancing Pony either. There is a feature that includes collecting as many silver coins as you can. Each coin is valued at between 200 and 4,000. When you land these coins on the reels at the same time as a collect symbol on the fifth reel, you will be awarded a payout of all the silver coins combined. There are also two other major features that can award players plenty of respins on the way to huge prizes and a bonus spins feature that can give players up to 20 spins without having to pay a penny.

    Straight down the middle

    The Prancing Pony gives players a decent RTP coming in at 95.97%. Added to this is the medium variance means that wins come along quite often and when they do, the prizes are quite good too. Because Pariplay has created the game in over 20 different languages, now players from all around the world will be able to access the game without facing any language barriers.

    Because The Prancing Pony is the first game that uses the PXPlay framework, there has been a lot of admiration towards Pariplay. They have released a statement expressing just how excited they are about the latest release. They feel that the features are all top of the line and together with an excellent mobile optimisation makes it one of the most accessible games ever created. They feel that this game is just the start for their platform and should allow a wide range of feature-rich games to be added to their portfolio.

    Expanding rapidly

    Pariplay currently has an impressive collection with a total of well over 100 casino games. The new platform should allow them to increase that total at a rapid pace which will undoubtedly help Pariplay to boost their brand recognition around the world. They have also signed a deal recently which will allow them to make a move into promoting their games in Romania. Because Romania is a regulated market, the new deal means that Pariplay will have a presence in a highly sought after market, aiding their expansion.

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