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    Wazdan Content to Appear on InBet Games

    Wazdan Content to Appear on InBet Games

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 27/04-2019

    Wazdan slots will soon be available on the InBet Games platform, providing another outlet for the former and giving the latter access to one of the most varied and exciting collection of video slots on the market right now. It’s a deal that both parties are set to benefit from and one that will also be welcomed by players.

    The Deal

    The partnership signed by these two iGaming firms will steer them both in the right direction when it comes to meeting their lofty goals and continuing their reputations as some of the biggest and most respected brands in the iGaming sphere.

    InBet Games is a B2B software provider that works in both the online and offline sector. They have won multiple awards over the years and work out of 15,000 retail locations around the world. Wazdan, on the other hand, are an iGaming developer that create a number of top video slots and gaming solutions and have won a lot of praise in 2018 and 2019 for their innovation.

    Both of these companies are on the rise and this deal will help them both immensely. It means that InBet Games will now be able to offer Wazdan’s rapidly growing selection of videos slots to their many partners, which in turn will give Wazdan the chance to create games for dozens more casinos and thousands more players.

    A Big Deal for Both

    This partnership was announced in a recent press release, with both sides commenting on it and announcing their delight at the deal and the promises that it brings for them both. The Head of Sales of Wazdan commented to say that it was an immensely “satisfying” moment for the company, before going on to note how Wazdan are constantly looking to work with the best partners, a mold that InBet Games fit perfectly.

    These sentiments were echoed by a spokesperson for InBet Games, who announced that they were looking forward to creating top class casino games and other content with Wazdan, and to providing these titles to a wider range of players than ever before.

    Busy Times for Wazdan

    This is just one of the big deals that Wazdan have secured recently and just one of the huge announcements they have made. They are keeping themselves busy, it’s fair to say, and that’s good news for slot fans everywhere.

    One of their big recent releases was Magic Stars 6, a cosmic slot that continues a long-running and hugely popular video slot franchise. It is a 20-payline online slot that has 6-reels and a wealth of wilds and high-paying symbols.

    Magic Stars 6 utilizes numerous top features that can be found across most new Wazdan titles, including features that allow players to change the volatility of the slot, as well as the way it looks.

    The release of Magic Stars 6 followed the release of Juicy Reels, another 20-payline slot that utilizes a number of impressive options. Juicy Reels was designed to mimic the fruit machines of old, but to do so in a way that takes advantage of modern features and mechanics. The end result was a video slot that both old-school and modern slot fans can enjoy.

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