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    Pirates and Mermaid scratch games

    Published Published 19/06-2020

    Gratorama which is one of the online casinos that offer scratch games does now offer two new scratch games. In this review, we at FindFairCasinos will be looking into them and tell you how to play them so that you can play them right away.

    Pirates Scratch

    The first of the two newly released scratch games is Pirates Scratch. It is a fun and joyful scratch game. We are sure that players will be nothing less than charmed by the great adventure of Pirates Scratch. What treasures are you as a player going to find on the ‘match 3 to win’, 4-card treasure map? It works by each card displays 9 treasure chests that can be scratched open and release symbols like swords, pirate ships and gold. Players will be welcomed with a soundtrack of crashing waves. This creates a calm ambience, where players can enjoy many hours of fun. You will have to choose the number of cards you would like, after that you need to scratch all the boxes in order to discover any three identical symbols and you will be able to win up to 200,000 £/€/$!

    Take the chance and play this game at Gratorama`s online casino site today!


    Mermaid Scratch

    The other new scratch game is Mermaid Scratch! In the game, you will experience a beautiful, colourful coral reef. It has already become popular with its ‘match 3 to win’ which makes it a very entertaining game with a nice underwater theme. This scratch game provides players with 4 scratch cards, each has 9 pearl shells the player can scratch off and they will reveal turtles, treasures and dolphins. When players enter the game, they will be greeted with the relaxing sights of the ocean and its sounds.

    This is how you play the Scratches:

    1. You choose the value of the card.

    2. Then you choose the number of cards you would like to play.

    3. Then you click on the "Play Now" button.

    4. Next, you scratch the card/s you choose to play.

    5. If you expose 3 identical symbols, you will win. (You will be able to see the prize in the scratch box under the 9 scratched squares.)

    6. The amount that has been won appears in the total win box on the bottom right side of the screen.

    7. The prize will be added to your account balance in the online casino.

    8. You can also choose the "Play for me" button if you would like the random automated system to play for you.

    9. If you click on ‘Play 2’, ‘Play 3’, and more, you can choose the number of cards you will play.

    Are you ready to join and try your luck to win? Yes? Play now!

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