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    Regulations and Licensing

    It is important that online casinos can be trusted by players around the world. It is key that users know that someone is looking into the practices of all casinos and ensuring that cheating is not passable. That is why we at FindFairCasinos only work with casinos fulfilling the local jurisdictions and have the licenses needed to operate in the respective markets.

    These licenses and jurisdictions make it possible for local governments to control and test online casinos, ensuring that everything is working correct and that the winnings appear randomly - just like in a “real world” casino.

    Within Europe and the US, each different country or state have their own regulations for the online casinos to comply with in order to fulfill the demands for holding a license. In general, these markets are very safe both regarding the actual games and slots, but also when it comes to protecting personnel data and information, that you as a player provide the casinos with. This means that when you use your credit card, or provide the casino with bank account details, you can trust that those sensitive data do not fall in to the wrong hands.

    When it comes to the offers that online casinos provide towards customers, it also falls under those licensing and jurisdiction demands. This means that free spin offers, match up bonuses etc. must be transparent and easy to understand for the player. Therefore, you might see that in some countries, the types of “welcome offers” will be different from the offers available in other countries.

    A result of beforementioned rules and regulations is that almost all online casinos take the safety issues regarding casino players very seriously. It is important for us that every player is comfortable when they take use of the different welcome offers, such as free spins and match-up bonuses, or when they play the online slots, different live dealer games as roulette and other online casino games. Due to these requirements, every online casino that we at FindFairCasinos work with, must have an appropriate support department, which the player can reach in case of questions or technical issues that might appear when playing. The listed online casinos on our site often both have phone, mail and chat support in order to make it as easy for the player to contact them as possible. The support is, in most cases, fast and effective and that is also something we test when we conduct our research for the reviews. Typically, even complicated questions and issues can be answered and solved within minutes.

    If you want to read more about safety on online casinos, you can read our Responsible Gaming section, which is always available through the link above or in the bottom of the FindFairCasinos site.

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