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    Published Published 12/10-2020

    In every gambling house or online casino, they have a way of getting players to stay committed to the sites, a way of giving freebies and making sure their players see them as the best platform to use. These freebies as you may call them are known as casino bonuses and they come in different forms. You may have noticed some websites offering you 20% bonuses on your first deposit or some even offer as much as 100% free cash bonuses to make sure their players stay intact and it also helps get new ones too. Bonuses also help players make their choice on what online casino would profit them more; there is a different kind of bonuses available;

    •Deposit Bonus

    This is probably the most used form of bonus as even down to betting sites and various gambling houses not related to casino’s or play casino games use this form of bonus as it serves as a very good means of attracting new users. The deposit bonus also attracts punters who use other gambling houses and would love to try out a new one. This Bonus is given to both new and old subscribers if they deposit funds and mostly comes as 100% bonuses.

    •No Deposit Bonus

    Is there any individual who doesn’t like free money? I guess not and that and that’s the basis for the no deposit bonus. In as much as it is a business strategy, the idea to give new intakes and punters who have been there for a certain amount of time extra cash or coins depending on what the casino uses is a reason why some customers stick to a certain online casino or not. The most interesting thing about the no deposit bonus is you that as the name connotes whether you decide to deposit or not, you can use the free cash to play casino games.

    •Free Spin

    A free spin in an online casino literally means you get to spin for free depending on how many spins you get. The Casino always holds the game choice and you don’t get to decide which game you spin. So, for example, if you are given ten spins, you can spin a particular game ten times and whatever you win goes into your bankroll, you wouldn’t need to deposit to claim it.

    •Welcome Bonus

    Have you ever heard of a signup bonus? A bonus is paid to you when you join a new corporation, organization or platform? Well, that’s exactly what a welcome bonus is. A welcome bonus is a bonus given to new customers once they sign up with a new online casino to go and blow on games and in fact, all online casinos offer them.

    •Reload Bonus

    A reload bonus is another marketing strategy online casino’s use to keep their punters with their platform. Example of such casinos can be found at . Some casinos also use the reload bonus to bring back customers who haven’t deposited for a long period of time.

    •Loyalty Bonus

    Despite a daily influx of gamblers into the gambling market, casino’s still have to scramble to keep the customers they already have and the loyalty bonus serves as a perfect way to both do that and also reward long term customers. Online casinos tend to have policies around these things and a certain amount of time and amount deposited you need to have reached to qualify for their loyalty bonuses.

    •High Roller Bonus

    High rollers are basically high-risk gamblers who constantly puts a lot of money in their stakes and online casinos tend to tempt these high rollers to stake with heavy bonuses. High roller bonuses tend to differ and also online casinos have targets punters need to meet to get this VIP treatment, and these targets differ from platform to platform.

    •Game Bonus

    Game bonus is a natural practice in the online casino world, while it is not so applicable in real life casinos, online casino’s attach gaming bonuses to every game played. It is also a form of reward as it increases your potential winnings by a certain amount depending on your stake and the particular game you play.


    As there are different board games in real life casinos, so are the different types of games in the online gambling platforms. Due to the fact that there are bodies guiding gambling in several nations, a few games found in some platforms might be missing from some other country as it may be banned for one reason or the other. Apart from this fact, all online casinos tend to have the same usual online games, some of which are:

    • Blackjack online

    • Slots Online

    • Roulette Online

    • Bingo Online

    • Baccarat Online

    • Craps Online

    • Video Poker Online

    • Bonus Poker Online

    • Keno Online

    • Caribbean Stud Poker Online

    • Pai Gow Poker Online

    • Sic Bow Online

    • Scratch Cards Online

    As you can see, the games are numerous and as their names differ, so do their strategies and rules and it would be advisable that before you go into online gambling that you at least know the rules of some of the games so that you give yourself an edge over your online casino and help your chances of winning.

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