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    Wild tornado introduces exciting promotion

    Wild Tornado Casino Offers Players the Chance to Grab Huge Prizes

    Published Published 11/02-2021

    Wild Tornado has decided to make February the biggest month of 2021 with its latest promotion. This latest competition will take place over four weeks. During every week of the promotion players will be able win 25 different rewards. The tournament will be based around Blizzard Royale.

    The competition starts on the 7th of February and due to February having 28 days it will be ending on the 7th of March. This means that there are lots of chances to grab a prize when playing the promotion. With 100,000 points available for players to win, there is a lot on offer here.

    The First Week: Getting Things Started

    The first week will be a training camp from players. It will run until the 14th of February. As the first section of the promotion it will be starting off nice and easy by pitting players against each other to try and win as much as possible. This will see a battle to finish at the top of the leaderboards and grab the biggest prize.

    During this section of the competition players will be able to make as many as 10,000 spins that count towards the leader board. Whenever a player is able to create a win then points will be handed over. The bigger the win, the more points are awarded.

    Lasting for just 7 days this first portion is a battle of wits with other players. The top players can get points to spend.

    Wagers must be of a minimum stake of €0.50, so if you want to be involved in the promotion then you must make sure you stick to this level in order to earn points.

    The Second Week: Multiplier Madness

    Just like the first week only players that manage to finish near the top of the leaderboard will get a portion of the prize. However, it’s not the size of your wins that matters from the 14th onwards.

    During this week there is no limit on the number of spins that you can make. Your aim is to get the biggest multiplier you can.

    The minimum stake is lowered for the second week as players can go as low as €0.10. Ending on the 21st for February, the biggest multiplier will give players a portion of the prize.

    The Third Week: Taking Week One to the Next Level

    The third week runs until the 28th of February. It’s very similar to the first week, with players battling against each other and a limit of 10,000 spins placed. It will have some slight differences to make it more interesting though.

    To keep players on their toes the rules for the third week will be announced the day before it starts. Keep watching to make sure you know what’s at stake.

    Just like in the first week the minimum wage will be set at €0.50. This means that players will have to ensure that they keep their bets set at the required level in order to enter in the competition. All it needs to do is create a win that’s above the stake and players will be fighting it out on the leader board.

    The Fourth Week: Taking it to the Final level

    From the 28th until the end of the tournament players will have to battle it out once again with multipliers. However, this time the players who can grab the most 100 times multipliers over the course of the week will grab the prizes.

    Players will have to make at least 10,000 spins with a minimum stake of €0.50. Whenever a 100 times multiplier comes into effect then a point will be given out. Whoever is at the top of the leader board come the end of the week will grab a prize.

    Try this Promotion when Playing Blizzard Royale

    With some big prizes available this is one of the top promotions on the market at the moment. All players need to do is look over the terms and conditions and then they will be ready to start spinning and winning.

    Join Wild Tornado today

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