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    Being able to pay our bills online might be something we have grown used to, but the fact is that people took a long time to embrace the notion. Indeed, doing so was possible as long as 20 years ago, though very few took up the convenience straightaway. Now, however, both behaviours and attitudes have changed, with most people regularly using online banking to transfer funds and to keep their bills up to date. It would even be a fair observation to make those people consider this to be the safest way of transferring money around, and certainly the most easily manageable.

    When people’s habits change so too, inevitably, does business practice. Casino and gaming owners are fully aware that their customer base has become more tech-savvy, and those who have failed to put in place a convenient depositing process are behind with the times. However, the majority have benefited from the rise of connecting services that offer secure domains through which easy and convenient money transfer can occur. Gambling safely is now just as easy as paying bills, thanks to companies like Sofort, whose application has been sourced by a range of online casinos and in multiple countries.


    As far as Europe is concerned especially, Sofort has proven a great choice because it offers specific advantages. Sound security measures are at the forefront of these. Payments are likely to be many and regular, so banks have no choice but to offer hi-tech security measures that are virtually risk-free when it comes to client interaction. The presence of these measures also removes the concern of having to share banking information with third parties, allowing customers to gamble with casinos without actually having to give them any financial information.

    One further benefit is the ability to make financial transactions on multiple devices, meaning that customers are not held back by the products they have decided to own. Most users will have first been introduced to online banking via their desktop, but smartphones are just as likely to be used these days, while tablets and a range of other devices now offer the same capabilities. Juggling between your smartphone and desktop is not required, therefore, allowing you to gamble with your preferred device.

    Sofort has an extensive list of banks, with most countries it operates in having all or virtually all of its major banks covered. Consequently, there a very few potential customers without access. See for in-depth information regarding the company’s presence in each country.

    Providing you have a bank account, Sofort offers nothing but advantages to a wide customer base looking to deposit funds. However, users will need to have another method in place to process withdrawals because Sofort is not designed for that transaction. Currently, most of the world is still lacking access, which is a pity as far as the Americas and Australia are concerned especially, though speedy growth has been shown among those nations where it is supported.

    How to Use

    Providing the option is available at your gaming site, accessing it should not be complicated, with no additional accounts necessary as Sofort simply becomes your deposit method of choice via the cashier section. Once the name of your bank and country are indicated with a couple of clicks, then the process will be up and running after logging into your bank account to confirm that the transaction is approved.

    A one-off verification code will be required – typically sent to your cell phone – which will enable you to confirm the deposit amount, together with indicating to your bank account that you wish for Sofort to be in place. With this done, seconds later the funds will be in your gambling account and ready to use.

    Mega Casino is just one of many casinos that offer Sofort as a payment method for customers from Germany. Create your Mega Casino account today!

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