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    Part 28: What to do with those last €2?

    Author Anonymous Published Published 08/04-2019

    After that crushing defeat, where I lost €20 in 4 minutes, I had €2 left. I had never been down to a balance this low and to be honest it felt depleting. I don’t really know what to do with the last €2 because it definitely feels that whatever I choose I will lose them.

    Ii decided to “Hit the Bank”, because just maybe playing Hit the Bank would make my bank feel less hit.

    Play Hit the Bank at Dealers Casino

    I played for €0.3 in each game to get some games out of it.

    Game 1: BIG WIN €2 directly into the account!...

    Game 2: Nothing

    Game 3: Nothing BUT I REACHED THE BONUS GAME From what I thought was nothing I won €0.02x100 = €2!

    Play Hit the Bank at Dealers Casino Play Hit the Bank at Dealers Casino Play Hit the Bank at Dealers Casino

    Game 4: win 0.1€

    Play Hit the Bank at Dealers Casino

    Now I had €5.27, which means I could place one last bet on that fatal blackjack table…

    Play Blackjack Multihand at Dealers Casino

    I bet my last €5 knowing that if I lose this hand, my casino balance would for the first time ever be under €1 and there would be no other option for me than to try a new casino or add new money to it… but I had to do it, I needed to try to get revenge on this game.

    I dealt. Got a 2 and a 6, pressed deal and got an Ace… now I have either 19/9…obviously I will take my chances and STAND. The dealer has a 2,4,6 then an 8! I WON!!! IM BACK ON DOUBLE DIGITS!!!

    Play Blackjack Multihand at Dealers Casino

    Why did I not film this! Oh well.. with €10 I just had to play again. And I won another 5! (I also lost a €5) so I was still on a casino balance of €10.27….

    Now I had 5 and 9 on one hand and 6 and queen on the other. For the first hand the choice was obvious as I had to take a HIT. DAMN I BUSTED with a Jack. To not lose all of my money I Had to hit on the 16. BUST AGAIN!

    Blackjack multi hand beat me this time as well… maybe next time I’ll get my revenge.

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