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    Part 93 - banner- 666 casino

    Part 93: What you can spend your bonus cash on!

    Author Anonymous Published Published 22/11-2019

    As I told you guys last time, I have used up all of the money in my cash balance. The cash balance is the money you deposit into the casino. I still have money in my Bonus Balance, which is the balance with all of my bonus money. As you may recall I got a match-up bonus on my first deposit of €20 and then I won €9.6 on the 66 Free Spins I received as part of the welcome package. This means that I have €29.6 in my Bonus Balance.

    The Bonus Balance cannot be used to play all of the games available on the 666 Casino platform. As stated on the terms and conditions “When you enter a game that bonus money is permitted on, you will see this in your Bonus Balance. When you enter a game that bonus money is not permitted on, i.e. restricted games, you will not see the bonus money in your Bonus Balance ”( This also means that not all games contribute to the wagering requirements in the same way. To see which games, contribute what, to the requirements 666 Casino has created a table that can be found under their promotional terms and conditions.

    But to summarize it: all Scratch cards and Keno games contribute to the wagering requirements while no live games, table games, or jackpot games contribute to the wagering requirements. Most of the slot machine games contribute to the wagering requirements as well but there are some exceptions. There is no category on 666 Casino for scratch cards games so…

    part 93: games on 666 Casino

    …today I will give you a tour of some of the slot machines where we can use the bonus balance available at 666 Casino.

    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Mystery box

    From Big Time Gaming, this slot machine is inspired by nothing else than one of my favourite TV shows of all time “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. I used to love watching this as a kid and of course, I always knew all of the answers and could’ve been a millionaire several times over (hmm…)!

    Who wants to be a millionaire

    This game promises a Mystery Box that reveals a hidden symbol, wilds that multiply and the chance for Free Spins. I decided to spend 15 spins on this game to get a good feeling for it.

    Bet 1: The standard stake is €1 but the minimum amount you can bet is €0.1. I decided to try betting somewhere in between, to begin with. My €0.5 bet gave me a €0.5 win! I love that the music is the same music from the show. This got me excited and should get anyone who loved this show as excited as me!

    Bet 2: I decided to be a bit brave and try a €1 bet and I won €0.6 thanks to a multiplier. There is a gamble button that I decided to push in this case. I don’t know what happened, but I just proceeded to press the gamble button again and won €1.2. I decided to collect that money.

    Bet 3: Once again, I decided to go down to a €0.5 bet. A €0.1 win.

    Bet 4: No win

    Bet 5: No win

    Bet 6: a €0.1 Win, which I decided to gamble. This time I lost the gamble and lost the €0.1 win.

    Bet 7: Nothing

    Bet 8: I won €0.3 so decided to once again gamble this win. Once again, I lost the gamble.

    Who wants to be a millionaire gamble feature

    Bet 9: The x2 multipliers are very common, something I appreciate. I once again won €0.5 thanks to this multiplier.

    Bet 10: For the last 5 Bets I decided to be a bit braver and bet €0.8 instead of €0.5. this bravery did not pay off as I did not win anything.

    Bet 11: I also did not win on this spin.

    Bet 12: No win

    Bet 13: No win

    Bet 14: I won €0.05, Which I decided that I needed to gamble. I gambled and once again lost.

    Bet 15: My last bet… No win.

    My opinion about this game is very positive. That a gamble feature is available and that the music is the same as in the game show is so exciting. I love that the multipliers are plenty. My only downside about this game is that it is called “Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Mystery box” and I think I got maybe 3 mystery boxes in total.

    Are you also excited and want to become a millionaire? – Claim your bonus to play here!


    This is a slot machine by Realistic Gaming and is a game that takes place in the jungle and the jungle cats are all present. I personally love lions, but the graphics of this game are hilarious… the lions and tigers look very silly. This is quite interesting since the background and the rest of the details are neatly done.

    Duplicats Realistic Gaming

    Bet 1: On my first bet I decided to bet €0.2 which is the minimum bet of this game. I spin and I got different cat symbols in a triangle which made them blink when I once again clicked on the spin button the symbols changed into the same type of cat and revealed a €2.5 win.

    Duplicats win

    Bet 2: €1 Win.

    Bet 3: No win

    Bet 4: No win

    Bet 5: a €0.2 win

    Bet 6: no win.

    Bet 7: I decided to try betting a bit higher. €0.6 this time. This time the higher bet paid off, I won €1.44!

    Bet 8: No win

    Bet 9: No win

    Bet 10: I decided that this would be my last bet. The game has some nice features, but the graphics are just not my thing and if I don’t like the graphics, I find it hard to continue a game. On my last spin, I did not win anything.

    If you like the jungle and cats, then this game might be one for you

    Power of Gods – The Pantheon

    As the last game I decided to try a game that looked to be inspired by Greek or Roman mythology. This game is from the game developer Wazdan. The game includes Wild and Scatter symbols and there are different spin bonuses as well as free spins and a gamble feature. This game seems to be right up my alley.

    When I went into the game, I had no balance to play with. This means that this game, is one of the slot machines, that is not available for wagering requirements, which means that at this moment I cannot play this game.

    Jungle Jim and The Lost Sphinx

    I still thought it would be nice to get in another game under today’s game time and I was still interested in a game with an antique feeling to it. I, therefore, decided to try Microgaming’s slot machine, “Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx”. This game has features such as win boosters, multipliers and Free Spins.

    Jungle Jim Microgaming

    Bet 1: I already like the graphics and animations of this game. I decided to bet €0.8, to begin with, but the minimum bet of this game is €0.1. No win.

    Bet 2: I like that this game has cascading reels, I hope that means that I have several chances to win on one win. But so far I have not yet won anything.

    Bet 3: No win

    Bet 4: a €0.08 win and the reel feature does give you the chance to win several times on one spin.

    Bet 5: Nothing

    Bet 6: €0.16 win!

    Bet 7: €0.25 win

    Bet 8: I keep on winning a €1.28 win!

    Bet 9: Nothing

    Bet 10: YES!! First, the cascading reels award me with two wins on the same spin then an extra row appears on the top of the game map and a respin button appears! In total, I won €1.76

    Jungle Jim, respin feature

    This slot machine is quite boring when nothing happens but as soon as things start happening it is a thrilling and exciting slot machine

    Now we have discovered some of the slot machines we can play while on the bonus balance of 666 Casino. I do find it slightly sad that not all games can be played on the bonus balance. It is something I would think an extra time about before signing up to a casino in the future. Especially since this bonus money should be wagered a minimum of x35 times. What is good about this system is that it forces us, customer, to try a lot of the slots available. Because there are so many slots it can be easy to overlook some of these and when you are forced to play them you might find some new favourite games.

    666 Casino offers a 100% Match-up bonus on up to €666 and 66 Free Spins – Claim the bonus here!

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