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    how to play craps

    How to play craps?

    We would like to introduce you to the fun dice-rolling casino game called Craps. It is one of the easiest and most popular casino games, and is typically available to play on both mobile devices and on desktop. Many real casinos, even some of the most best casinos around, also provides the opportunity to play Craps on the tables, and it is often here you will experience the most action from the audience at the table. You can choose to gamble against the dealer or against the other players at the table. It is simple, and you only have to decide between two different bet possibilities to start the game, either choosing “passline” or “don’t passline”.

    When you become more experienced with the game, it is possible for you to go deeper into the more difficult bets, with a range of more than 40 bet possibilities to be exact, which can be a bit more complicated. With practice you will also learn about additional bets, which will provide you with a deeper understanding of the game and help you become an established Craps player.

    Learn How To Play Craps

    In this excellent video tutorial uploaded to Youtube by AmericanCasinoGuide, you can really get a feel for the game and most importantly; Learn How To Play Craps:

    How does craps work?

    When you as a player are betting on either the passline or don’t passline, this is also called the shooter. All other players who want to be a part of the game, in the online casino or at the real-life casino, will also need to make this minimum requirement bet on passline or don’t passline. To explain the “come out roll” - which is your first roll of the dice – it is basically important for you to roll a 7 or an 11 to win the pass bets, which will then mean that the don’t pass bets loose and the round finishes. In case you roll a 2, 3 or 12, also called the craps numbers, the opposite happens - the pass bet loses, the don’t pass bets win and the round ends. With any other number (4,5,6,8,9, or 10) also known as the point numbers, the shown number is then established, and players can start making other bets as they please. The round continues until the shooter rolls either the point number or a 7. Pass bets will win when the point number is rolled before the 7, and don’t pass bets win when the 7 is rolled before the point number.

    There are some other bets that can be important for you to know, such as the come and don’t come bets, and the odds bets. The odds bets are bets that you basically make on top of your original bets, the pass and don’t pass bets, or the come and don’t come bets. These types of bets can only be betted after the initial come-out roll. After you have placed your bet, the next roll of the dice will tell you if you win or lose, or if you get a separate and individual point number. If you get your point number before the 7, you will win the come bet, and in case the 7 is rolled first you will lose. If you make a don’t come bet, it is the other way around, that you win if the 7 comes out before your point number and lose if your point number is rolled first.

    We wish you good luck with the funny game of Craps on Lanadas Casino and also if you choose to play Craps on a mobile device or a desktop on an online casino. We hope that this article has helped you gain an introduction to the exciting game of Craps and that it will inspire you to gain more experience and go deeper into this interesting game and all the technical bets fun ways to win.

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