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    6 Casino Secrets You Need to Know

    Published Published 26/05-2020


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    Casinos are always on the winning side. Despite this rule of thumb, the number of gamblers continues to shoot up. Even the current coronavirus outbreak can’t stop people from gambling. And guess what? They’re now opting to online casinos.

    Moreover, you’re surely reading this to look for any tips and tricks on gambling. Of course, there should be no reason for you to be rolled over, allowing casinos and other players to walk over you. So, skipping all the necessary introductions, here are six things that casinos never want you to know.

    Casinos are filthy, literally

    Don’t get surprised if you’ll notice bottles of urine next to the slot machines, or find a few foils, needles, and other drug paraphernalia in casino toilets. Also, don’t ever kiss any dice or poker chips for good luck next time. Thousands of micro-organisms reside in these things. Why not? They’re typically used 24/7 in casinos. Do you think there’s a chance to disinfect them?

    Long story short, casinos typically are covered with body fluids, drug residue, bacteria, and germs. Ironically, you can steer clear from touching any things inside a casino, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak.

    You’re recorded

    Machine learning used to analyze customer data may sound great, but it’s probably the last thing you’d like casinos to run to. Any registered casinos, both online and land-based, can legally acquire a person’s gambling activity, including the games he/she’d played, wagers, payouts, duration of time spent per game, and even gambling behaviours.

    Primarily, this data analytics is intended for customer acquisition and better sales for casinos, but don’t get fooled. Advanced big data analysis can predict a game’s winner, more than 90% of the time. It’s no longer you versus your opponent in a game, but the entire casino itself.

    You against shills and prop players

    In addition to harmless data used by casinos against you, casinos seed anonymous professional players in the house. They’re called shills, and they tend to aid the enforcement of gambling laws and casino rules, but usually, they attract players to games.

    What’s great about them is that they nothing to lose since they tend to play with casino’s money. So, they keep no winnings and lose no money. There are other prop players seeded in almost every game, who use their money to gamble with but still paid hourly by the casinos.

    Electronic games are nowhere random!

    We all know about those “random number generators” that cleverly run games in both land-based and online casinos. But do you know that they aren’t truly random? Experts had even claimed that we’re still too far behind to what real random number generation is. We’d probably get there once quantum computers become cheap and practical, they added.

    So what’s the deal with this? It can make everything less definite for the casino and other players! It’s like you can still freely enjoy Wizard Slots & FREE Slots Spins Bonus and feel like you can win a big jackpot anytime soon since neither your opponent nor you know when the jackpot will be paid.

    Popularity translates into players

    RTPs (return to player) vary in accordance with how popular a casino is. However, don’t ever expect that “market forces” can work in your favor—no, they don’t. Casinos would only shift the odds in your favor after getting a maximum number of players. And that only happens after they enhance your odds until you reach the said upper limit.

    In short, casinos opt for economic strategies, and there are several tactics they could choose from. For instance, they can change the theoretical RTP whey necessary. Also, they alter table game rules at certain hours of the day. Plus, some casinos give worse odds if there are more players, while there are better odds when there are fewer players.

    The bonus trap


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    The “welcome offer” in any online casinos is among the most visible traps you can try firsthand, next is the “Get Rewards” button. The truth is, there’s no way you can redeem any winning prize until you wrap up the next bonus request. That means adding more money, or should we say, losing more money.

    Having said that, some online casinos offer great benefits to dedicated customers, especially when they’re losing a lot of money. Gamblers on online roulette, slot machine, the blackjack, and other games that rely on the random number generator are the ones that usually get these said benefits.

    In a nutshell, high buys are far more exceptional for online casinos since they’re more likely to profit from the losses, succeeding losses to be exact, of the gamblers. That’s why giving some freebies to losing players isn’t a big deal for casinos.


    Gamblers often believed in one mores—one more missed number, one more card, or one more symbol on the slot. They believed that doing so will make them closer to getting millions. In reality, doing so is just an illusion of a close-easy victory. Again, the odds are always in the casinos’ favor.

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