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    Australia’s Horse Racing: The Best Horses to Bet On

    Author Mats Published Published 19/04-2021

    "Win the race, bet on the best," this is your mantra in life if you are into horse race betting. Wise enough that you want to put a winning advantage and know who to bet. Like any other betting game, horse race betting is a game of fair judgment and sound decision. Winning is the goal, and you cannot be reckless in putting your bet. Thus, you should know the horse as well as the jockey.

    Understanding Horse Racing in Australia

    Horse racing is a strategic game, and it is essential to know the different peculiarities of the game to have a higher winning edge. These include the rules, the terminologies, and even the odds of the game. And if you are a diehard bettor and fan of the race, you would even care to visit the paddocks after handicapping on paper.

    Paddocks visit or paddocks picks will help you carefully observe the horses' condition and confirm the winnability of the horse. It would be best if you watched the general health and behavior of the horse. Another vital thing to know is the rules of the derby. Most horse racing rules are familiar, like betting, but there is some uniqueness in every country or state. Like the horse races in Australia, the sport race is governed by the rules of the Australian Racing Board.

    The board is the national administrative body authorized to enforce the Australian Rules of Racing in all states of Australia. The board's primary responsibility is to ensure that all states and territories of Australia that carry out thoroughbred racing shall conform to the sport's conditions, general practices, and integrity.


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    The Thoroughbred Horses

    Bound by the rules of the sport are only the thoroughbred horses. This breed is predominant in every paddock and racetrack. Thoroughbred horses are called hot-blooded horses because of their speed, agility, and extraordinary spirit. The breed is one of the popular breeds for horse racing and equestrian sports. Their slim and tall body makes them fit for the sport.

    Thoroughbreds' admirable built and winning capability do a lot to convince bettors of the sport. But not only that they look at the physique of the horse, but they look a lot into the handlers of the horse: the owner, the trainer, and most of all, the jockey who rides during the horse racing.

    The Best Jockeys and Best Horses

    Top jockeys and top horses are always the stars of the race. Aside from dominating the racetrack, they also earn a lot and likewise allow winnings to many horse race fanatics, enthusiasts, and bettors. So, on the next race, know these famous names of the 2021 best jockeys and the best horses in Australia horse racing:

    Western Empire

    Known as a very talented racehorse, Western Empire is a 3-year-old bay gelding horse based in Karnup, Western Australia. The horse is trained by Grant and Alan Williams and jockeyed by William Pike. On April 10, 2021, Western Empire got his most significant win to date, defeating Temptation in a $400,000 Schweppes WATC derby in the Ascot racetrack. Western Empire's career earnings to date are already at $581,050.

    Simply Fly

    Born on October 16, 2017, the 3-year-old horse has many tricks and finishes. Simply Fly is a gelding with a race record of six wins from the eight starts. Simply Fly has a career earning $502,425 under his trainer Rexx Lipp and Jockey Stephanie Thornton, who has a special bond with the horse. Simply Fly got his most magical win in his career last March 13, 2021, defeating Tab Qtis at Gold Coast, Aquis Park.


    Liqueuro is known as the racehorse with above-average ability. Trained by Cindy Alderson and Jye McNeil as the jockey, Liqueuro came up from his significant win this April 10, 2021, at Caulfield, defeated Through Irish Eyes. If you have invested throughout the career of Liqueur, you have earned a 248% return on your investment.


    Ironclad is a five-year-old gelding with four wins in four starts and has prize money of $230,085. The horse is trained by H. Palmer and owned by Mr. K. Abdullah. His jockey, Jamie Kah, described Ironclad as a lovely horse who stayed unbeaten throughout his career and made terrific results. If you have invested in the career of Ironclad, you have already got a 216.5% return from your investment.

    Stay Inside

    Stay inside; a 2-year-old colt has a record of 2 wins from 3 starts with prize money of $192,850. Trained by Richard and Michael Freedman of Freedman Brothers Inc. Tommy Berry, one of Sydney's jockey stars, competed in Stay Inside, which gave him the chance to become the fourth winner in Golden Slipper, a headline race and one of the most famous races in Australia since 1957.


    Horse racing is as famous in Australia as other horse racing enthusiasts’ countries. And betting is one of the most celebrated practices every time a horse competes on the racetrack. Betting may be for fun but involves a considerable amount of money. For bettors to get a higher chance of winning, they need to know the horses to bet on and the jockey that makes the horse win.

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