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    BAR-X Game Changer Released by Realistic Games

    Published Published 19/06-2020

    Realistic Games has taken steps to give players across the world the chance to enjoy its newest slot title. BAR-X Game Changer has spent 14 days being an exclusive title for a select group of online casinos, but now it has been put out across the whole of the Realistic Games network.

    The game was originally solely for brick and mortar casinos, but Realistic Games decided to move forwards and adapt it as an online video slot.

    This is the third release in the innovative Game Changer range of slots from Realistic Games and it comes after the English company announced that it had signed a new partnership deal. This new deal is with Electrocoin who develop a range of products that are associated with electronic amusements and casino games. The latest release is said to have full access to the Game Changer feature, which is one of the most innovative bonus rounds that’s on the market at the moment.

    What’s on Offer in the Game?

    The game itself seems relatively simple at first glance. There’s nothing particularly special about the 20 ways to win and five reels. However, the Game Changer feature is where things get really impressive. With over 2,000,000 different grids that can take over the board, it means that it has an incredible range of bonuses.


    The board itself is moved by a dice roll, which will give an instant win opportunity of up to 1,000 times the players stake. It allows players the chance to win away from the standard slot game mechanics. The prizes are all double on the extra game boards and one of the boards even guarantees that players will win a prize.

    The game was given to GVC players first in the middle of May for 14 days and then at the end of May it was available for all Realistic Players across the different casinos.

    Grabbing Attention

    A director of Realistic commented that they felt the original BAR-X game was one of the most well-loved games in the casino world. This was why the decision was made to recreate the game with added bonuses in order to give online players the BAR-X experience that they deserved.

    By adding the Game Changer mechanics to what was already a well-loved game was something that Realistic Games believed would give players at online slots a unique experience. Although the standard game itself appears like the well-loved classic, the bonus rounds and other extra features mean it has another layer of interest to players.

    Electrocoin also made a statement on the latest game. With their input on the game proving to be a big part of the game, they said that they were honoured to have been chosen to work with Realistic on this game. They hoped that players will enjoy the game and that the second game they are working on will go down as well as this one.

    There are also more games from the BAR-X series coming to online casinos in the future as well. A number of different games will get the Game Changer treatment and will be available to players at brick and mortar and online casinos. It’s a venture that Realistic Games and Electrocoin are both extremely excited about.

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