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    Betsoft Gaming releases Dragon Kings Slot

    Betsoft Gaming releases Dragon Kings Slot

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 01/08-2018

    Feel the power of the four seas in Dragon Kings slot, the new, feature-packed, video slot from Betsoft Gaming. A remix of an ancient legend, Dragon Kings brings Chinese mythology to life with a crisp, modern aesthetic Asian-inspired music, and a collection of special features.

    Offering tiered, progressive jackpots and free spins, Dragon Kings slot has many unique features lying beneath the surface, in the hands of the dragons. Legend has it that the waters surrounding ancient China – four oceans to the north, south, east and west – were controlled by dragon spirits, whose dispositions shaped the seas themselves. Travellers would give thanks to these dragons for a smooth crossing, or call on their powers when conditions turned treacherous. In Dragon Kings, these scaly spirits are reimagined as standout symbols who occupy a reel each, and whose powers can quickly change the ebb and flow of gameplay.

    The four dragons are wild – they can substitute for any other non-dragon symbol – and each has its own unique power. Confined to reel 1, the Azure Dragon will lock all other dragons in place when he appears, and allocate players one free spin. On reel 2, the White Dragon will clone itself once on the reel to its left or right, creating a chain of wilds. Appearing only on reel 4, the Red Dragon will instantly award a random prize from an extensive pool, with the potential of up to 400X the player’s line bet. And on reel 5, the black dragon will multiply any winning line that includes him by 3X.

    There is also a legend of a fifth dragon, whose power was so potent that he ruled over even the protectors of the seas. In-game, the Dragon King appears in all his glory: a golden, full-height animated character who presides over the centre reel, doubles the payout from winning lines, and controls the player’s path to Dragon Kings’ tiered jackpots. When the King appears alongside one or more other dragons, their combined powers can multiply the player’s total line bet by a staggering 2,000X, and will call the game’s sixth reel into play – a single-symbol reel that acts as the resting place for the Dragon King’s Magical Pearl.

    Depicted as a glowing pearl clutched in the King’s golden claw, the Magical Pearl is the final puzzle piece needed to open the floodgates to one of four progressive jackpots: bronze, silver, gold, or diamond. The combination of a single dragon plus the King and the Pearl will trigger the bronze jackpot, while all four dragons plus the King and Pearl will usher in a sea-change and award the upper-tier diamond jackpot. The Magical Pearl is also the key to tapping into deep reserves of free spins, doubling the allocation awarded by the base game scatter symbol for up to 50 spins.


    Our goal with Dragon Kings was to bring a classic Chinese legend to life in a whole new way: with cutting-edge features, and a blend of artwork and music that appeals to the tastes of today’s Asian and international markets. From the dragons themselves, who have strong visual identities and cool powers, to the creative jackpots, we believe Dragon Kings contains the best of modern slot game design: a unique aesthetic, a strong storyline, audiovisual excellence, and a suite of features that are both deep and accessible.

    Developed for cross-device compatibility from day one, Dragon Kings is built on the Betsoft SHIFT platform. Designed to reduce file sizes, speed loading, and enable new gameplay and audio-visual experiences, SHIFT guarantees that the same great gameplay reaches players on whatever platform they choose. Dragon Kings is also one of the first games to be built around Betsoft’s equitable jackpots model, with larger bets conferring greater odds of winning.

    Draw power from the dynasty of the seas when Dragon Kings releases in July 2018.

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