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    BetSoft Gaming Take Players on a Viking Voyage with new Slot

    BetSoft Gaming Take Players on a Viking Voyage with new Slot

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 12/05-2019

    BetSoft Gaming are one of the biggest innovators in the iGaming sector, with online slots that play as beautifully as they look. They have some of the best graphics and the best animations, and they back this up with some very creative features and a unique setup. It’s no surprise then that so many players stop and take notice whenever BetSoft Gaming announce a new title.

    Those players will have something to get excited about this month as BetSoft Gaming have just hinted at the release of a brand new slot, one that takes place in the age of the Vikings and captures everything that was great, grand and terrifying about these fearless Scandinavian warriors.

    The slot is Viking Voyage, and the goal is to join a raiding party as they grab their axes and their swords and go in search of treasure. Viking Voyage is a true Viking journey that takes place over land and sea and contains more than a fair share of gold, silver and other bounty.

    What to Expect

    One of the biggest symbols on the Viking Voyage video slot is the Golden King symbol. This appears on the first and the fourth reels, glimmering in a full suit of golden armor. He is the wild, which means he can substitute for any other symbol, including the scatter.

    He can also emit a ferocious battle cry that freezes the reels in place and triggers a respin. This can be triggered again and again, leading to more respins and more big wins for the player.

    There is a free spins round activated when players reveal the Longboat symbol on the first and final reels. Once this happens then the boats will prepare for launch, the vikings will set sail and the fun will begin. When only one of these symbols land, then the game will slow and some dramatic music will kick-in as the player hopes for the second symbol.

    If this happens then the player will be gifted 15 free spins in a fun and action-packed feature that they’ll want to repeat again and again.

    A spokesperson for BetSoft Gaming spoke on the release of Viking Voyage to say that the game provided a “deeper” and “more meaningful” experience for the player, adopting some crisp 3D graphics and matching them to Scandinavian lore with a style that is unique to the best games in BetSoft’s SLOTS3TM series.

    They finished by saying that they expected big things for the game and were confident that “Viking fans and seasoned slots players” would enjoy themselves playing Viking Voyage.

    More Great Titles

    BetSoft Gaming is one of the biggest names in this industry right now and they are doing their best to maintain that reputation by launching more and more top slots. They only recently announced the launch of mobile-friendly slot Fruit Bat Crazy, which featured a hungry bat, and they also had a busy and very productive year in 2018.

    They also signed a handful of deals that ensured their games became available to more players than ever. They are still not as widely available as many players would like, but they are becoming more common on the world’s biggest casinos as both casino platforms and players seek them out.

    We will no doubt see a lot more from BetSoft Gaming in 2019 and if they continue to release 3D games with unique features and glorious visuals, then we’ll continue to report on every release and to look forward to them with eager anticipation.

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