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    CANDYBLASTED is the latest release to come from High 5 Games

    Published Published 30/09-2020

    High 5 Games has blown the water apart again with its latest slot release. CANDYBLASTED is a game that features lots of high-quality bonuses and is guaranteed to keep players coming back time and time again.

    The game is played on a 100 grid square, so it’s 10 grids by 10 grids. The game features a cluster pay system that comes into effect whenever a cluster of the colourful symbols is created. It’s highly enjoyable and gives the title a video game feel. On top of this, there is also a cascading reels feature where any wins will vanish from the reels and new symbols will fall into the spaces that have been left. This will carry on until no more winning clusters are created. Once this has finished any wins will be paid out.

    There’s also a bonus feature called the racking up riches mode. This will give players the chance to create lots of wins as the symbols keep changing throughout the feature. There is also a magnet included which will draw symbols towards it. If players are able to grab three of the star symbols then a bonus round will begin that awards players some free spins.


    The game is one of the most unique titles that High 5 Games have created. It will be released at the start of September exclusively to players at the High 5 Casino. However, by the end of September the exclusivity period will have worn off and any of the partners to the company will be able to offer the game to their customers. This is a very exciting release that H5G is very proud of.

    One of the partners at the company commented that she was delighted with the new title. It is guaranteed to provide sweet loving players with the sugar hit that they crave. By creating CANDYBLASTED it’s a new road for H5G to go down and as such the company is very proud of this diversification opportunity. With the new release being the first of the summer for the company it’s important to set off on a positive note. There is a lot of belief around the company that this will be a big success.

    More info about H5G

    The company has been in operation for around 25 years. In this time it has been able to build up a superb reputation. It’s known as one of the biggest indie developers in the iGaming industry and has created a large roster of top-class casino games. This has led to some fast growth in recent years which has enhanced the name of High 5 Games.

    It’s also been able to create its own aggregation software platform. Using the cloud to provide lots of different online casinos with titles, it is the best way for H5G to get its games out to casino operators simply. There are also a lot of different management options that allow sites to customize what they offer to their players.

    It has offices around the world and has added to these licenses from some of the top regulators on the market. This means that there are very few markets that H5G is unable to operate in. This is extremely important for the Vault system, as a lot of the operators that use the software operate in a number of different jurisdictions.

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