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    Cogito release Horseman Go

    Cogito release Horseman Go

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 19/01-2020

    Cogito has announced the release of one of the first mainstream blockchain based online casino games. The new title is called Horseman Go and is expected to give players unprecedented levels of control.

    In a press release Cogito announced to the world their latest innovation. The game is expected to offer players a virtual horse racing experience. Not only that but it will also include the ability for players to take part in the full process of owning horses and training their own winners.

    Innovative and enjoyable

    The company was set up by a former head of a big Chinese company. His knowledge of the industry was vital in working to build Cogito up to the current level it is at. The head of Cogito stated that the new game will include a number of different in game elements that will be completely autonomous. This will see the ecosystem of the game develop in its own way, not in a way that is led by the software developer like in current games.

    Lots on offer to players

    The press release for the title stated that players who take part in Horseman Go will see that they can buy things with EOS tokens. This means that they will be linked to the blockchain and as such will make sure everything is secure when playing.

    The development of Horseman Go comes after CryptoKitties was such a huge success three years ago. Because the blockchain is a relatively new technology Cogito feel that they will be able to use it to advance game development at a very fast rate. They hope that the ability to monetise the world within the game will add some additional interest and keep players engaged in the long term.

    Advances in blockchain tech

    The new game has already been through its beta tests and will be undergoing a second closed beta stage in the near future. The game will use an overseeing club to monitor competitions and tournaments, with the money then being passed back out to players through prize funds and other methods. It will see the game hopefully develop a thriving economy based on success.

    Cogito feel that the game will be the first ever game with this amount of depth. They intend to develop it as it goes along to ensure that it works to the level they anticipate and to add in additional features if possible. In terms of the game’s ecosystem, Cogito intend to leave it alone and let it develop in its own way. They hope that this novel approach will encourage players to invest their time into it.

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