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    Evolution Gaming offer out the fastest Blackjack game around

    Evolution Gaming offer out the fastest Blackjack game around

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 17/01-2020

    Evolution Gaming have continued their move towards dominating the live dealer games market with their latest Blackjack release.

    The new title is called Speed Blackjack and as is expected because of the title it is the fastest live Blackjack game on the market.

    The game is expected to be along the same lines as the current Blackjack game that Evolution Gaming offer, but it tweaked to offer an even faster variant. There is a dealing change that makes the game faster than ever. It comes by dealing out the first cards to players as normal.

    Once that has taken place every player can make their decisions as to what they want to do at the same time. Then, whoever reacts fastest with their decision is dealt to next. This goes through from fastest to slowest for deals.

    This carries on until the round is over and everyone has finished. Once the game is over, the process starts all over again.

    This new ultra fast version of Blackjack is the newest game that is added to the already extensive list of games that Evolution Gaming have to offer. It comes after they decided to add first person versions to two of their other live dealer games. It is activated through the main game when the push of a button will take players into a first person mode.

    Increasing the speed of the game

    The CPO of Evolution Gaming commented that the new game would reduce the time taken to play a game of Blackjack by almost half. Because the players who are ready to play can make their moves right away, it will speed up the game massively and allow players to play at their own pace much more often.

    He also commented that he felt it was old fashioned to have to wait for the first player to make their move, especially if it was a player who took a long time to make their decision. This new variation on the game will allow players who like to play quickly the ability to do so.

    He said that Speed Blackjack means that whoever makes their decision first will be dealt to first. It will reduce the overall playtime without impacting on the players chances of winning. This was an important point for Evolution Gaming because they wanted to offer faster playing without reducing the player return.

    Evolution Gaming haven’t just been adding new titles to their roster either. They have also been making steps into new regulated markets.

    After agreeing a deal to offer their games in Pennsylvania in 2019 they decided to open a studio in the area in order to make sure it was carried out to the best of their ability.

    In the tail end of 2019 they also announced that they had signed a deal with Penn National which will see them offering Evolution Gaming titles to their customers.

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