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    Preakness Stakes 2020

    Handicapping The 2020 Preakness Stakes

    Published Published 01/04-2020

    Handicapping The 2020 Preakness Stakes

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    The Preakness Stakes is the middle segment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It follows the Kentucky Derby and then succeeded by the Belmont Stakes. Although it`s the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Derby winner must be able to win the Preakness to head on to Belmont and qualify for the Triple Crown title.

    Popularly known as the race for the Black-Eyed Susans, this event settles two weeks after the Derby. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting most of the events happening all over the world, the Preakness Stakes is moved to a later date this year. Initially, the Kentucky Derby was moved to September 5, 2020, and Stronach Group, owner of the Preakness Stakes, will still confirm as to when this event will commence.

    While it`s true that some fans are a bit upset because the Preakness Stakes and the Triple Crown Series won`t happen on its usual date, the bettors, on the other hand, are quite happy since they have more time to prepare their betting strategies.

    Since each racing event in the Triple Crown has a different set-up, picking a winner might be challenging. Hence, here are some ways on how you can handicap in the Preakness 2020 horses.

    Consider The Preakness Field Size And Distance

    Among the three Triple Crown races, the Preakness Stakes has the shortest running distance. However, it has the same racecourse type, which all the horses saddle up in a dirt track. The Preakness field only measures 1 3/16 miles while the Kentucky Derby field is 1 ΒΌ mile. The Belmont Stakes, on the other hand, measures 1.5 miles.

    As stated, the horses that run in the Derby are mostly the Preakness entrants, and you can check out TVG for more details. Although there is only a slight difference between the racecourse distance of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, you must handicap horses that had shown so much strength in the Derby. In this way, you are confident that you bet for a racehorse that can possibly win the Preakness.

    Gauge On The Rest Time Of The Horses

    The Preakness Stakes will only start two weeks after the Derby. It is to make sure that the Stronach Group can finalize the horses who will run in Pimlico Park. At the same time, oddsmakers and bookies can have sufficient time in generating betting lines ranking each horse depending on their recent racing accomplishments.

    One of the best ways to handicap an excellent Preakness Stakes contender is to consider the rest time. Some racehorses took a rest right away after running in the Derby. On the other hand, some horses who are dedicated to winning the Preakness are sent out to training right away so they can improve their running speed.

    Examine The Derby Favorite

    Most of the time, Kentucky Derby winners are competing directly with the Preakness Stakes. It is to make sure that they continue their quest to the Triple Crown and earn more than a million-dollar purse prize. As you handicap in the 2020 Preakness Stakes, it is also a prime consideration to examine betting the Derby favourite.

    During the Preakness Stakes, most of the bettors are laying out their money to the Derby favorite. It is because the Derby winner has a higher chance of winning the Preakness Stakes. On the other hand, you must also consider other horses running in the Preakness as they might even win the competition surprisingly.

    Contemplate On The Racing Forms

    The racing forms contain the racing accomplishments of each racehorse running the Preakness Stakes and the Triple Crown show. It also includes their profile, trainer and jockey names, their overall earnings, etc. It is the best way to understand how a racehorse performed in the past and if they deserve to be handicapped in the Preakness Stakes.

    Most of the bettors, whether a pro or a newbie, are using racing forms to identify which racehorse they can possibly bet. It plays a significant role in taking a closer look and knowing the racehorse personally. Do know that you don`t handicap horses to lose money, but to win big and grow your bankroll instantly.


    Handicapping the 2020 Preakness Stakes equates the same amount of time, money, and effort you put in the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, which makes up the whole Triple Crown showdown. As mentioned, this event is also important because if the racehorse`s goal is to clinch the Triple Crown, then he must overcome all races and be on top.

    Therefore, as you go along and prepare your 2020 Preakness Stakes bets, it`s important that you do the right betting strategies. With the Preakness Stakes handicapping tips listed above, you are confident that you can nurture an excellent bank account in no time.

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