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    London`s Hippodrome Casino introduces second evolution dual play roulette table

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 01/07-2018

    Evolution Gaming, a leading live casino solution provider, recently announced that it is set to launch an additional multi-camera dual-play roulette table at the Hippodrome Casino in London. It is anticipated that the system, which is planned for launch in the third quarter of 2018, will replicate the success of the Evolution-hosted online live casino solution and the Evolution Dual Play Roulette at the Hippodrome’s underground casino, Lola’s, both of which were launched in 2017.

    The new dual-play table will be positioned on The Hippodrome’s main gaming floor and will operate on a 24/7 basis. Players who are on site will be able to see the table from both the gaming floor itself and the upper levels of the Hippodrome. The central location of the table will allow the Hippodrome to promote the distinct benefits of the dual-play system: Remote players can play the same casino games, at the same time as those located on site, regardless of where in the world they are located. Furthermore, players who are on site will have a valuable chance to continue playing at the dual-play table from their mobile devices when they leave the table to visit the restaurant or social areas. As is the case with Lola’s dual-play table, the new Hippodrome dual-play table will be on offer as a B2B service to all Evolution license holders. On the day the new table officially launches, all Evolution licensees who already use the ‘Live from Lola’s’ game feed will have access to the second Hippodrome live feed, while all other Evolution operators will have a chance to opt in should they so wish.

    Hippodrome’s Director of Interactive, George Constantinou commented on the new launch: “Our first Evolution Dual Play table has been a great success, with high numbers of on-premise players drawn to the table and many more playing at the same table online. We were keen, therefore, to recreate the same kind of attraction and extended service offering on The Hippodrome’s main gaming floor.

    Evolution’s Director of Business Development and Land-Based Sales, James Stern, added: “The Hippodrome is an iconic casino and entertainment venue. As such, we are confident that online players who see and play at The Hippodrome’s Dual Play table will be very much encouraged to visit the venue in person. There’s a real buzz around the Lola’s Dual Play table, and this latest table is sure to create similarly high levels of excitement and interest.

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