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    New maximum stake introduced in Ireland

    New maximum stake introduced in Ireland

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 29/12-2019

    The Irish Government has passed a law that will see the new maximum stake for gambling machines set at €5.

    There has also been a limit placed on the maximum win that can be won from any gambling machine. This has been set at a top level of €500.

    It was already proposed that the stake and max payouts would be lowered back in March. However, the levels of €10 and €750 respectively were seen as not extreme enough. After pressure from groups dedicated to fighting problem gambling the new levels were set.

    There will also be a change in the legislation that has been in place for over 60 years. This will see the legal age to use gambling machines raised from 16 to 18.

    The DoJ released a comment saying that there is a specific area of government who are solely concerned with the stakes and maximum prizes for gambling machines. This had recommended the original stake levels.

    After a consultation with various groups it was decided that a stronger line was needed and the new lower amounts were set.

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