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    Play'n Go new slot machine

    Play’N Go Adds Two New Titles to its Roster

    Published Published 20/01-2021

    2021 isn’t even a month old yet and Play’N Go has already hit the ground running. It’s decided to start the year as it means to go on with two new releases during the first two weeks of the year. Miner Donkey Trouble and Coils of Cash have seen the light of day for the first time.

    Electric Action from Coils of Cash

    The first game is Coils of Cash. This is a game that includes avalanche wins. It’s an alternative look at the world, using ideas from the late 19th century and how the big inventors of the time thought the world would look.

    With Tesla and other big names dominating the inventing world at that time, it was truly an age of innovation. Electricity is a big part of the game, which is expected due to Tesla being involved. This helps to influence the Power Coil. This can increase wins by more than 600 times.

    The game uses ideas from the time combined with steampunk themes. It gives it quite a unique look that will grab the attention of players right away. It also includes a win of up to 30,000 available for players, which is one of the biggest wins that Play’N Go offers. This is sure to keep players interested and to draw in new players.

    What’s really intriguing about the game is the payways system. It’s dynamic, which means that it evolves as the game moves forward. It’s definitely an interesting title from a company that is aiming to keep increasing the number of games that it has available.

    The CEO of Play’N Go commented on the release. He said that after a record breaking year, Play’N Go has no intention of slowing down. It’s managed to increase the number of games it has available to players over 2020 and 2021 will offer more of the same.

    It intends to keep adding more innovations to games as well as trying to create a better environment for players to enjoy them at the same time. 2020 saw lots of this taking place and so 2021 is expected to see more of this to come.

    More Excitement from Miner Donkey Trouble

    Miner Donkey Trouble is another game that aims to give players plenty of fun and enjoyment, as well as the potential for big wins. It’s centered around Miner and his trusted donkey, who’s conveniently named “Trouble”. After Trouble gets buried it’s up to the Miner to dig him out and collect winnings as he does.

    Because the characters have a sense of fullness around them it means that players can become really immersed in the title.

    Of course, it’s not just about the story behind the game. There is plenty of potential for wins here too. Players are able to enjoy a number of different bonus features, including a free spins round. There is also the chance to bump up multipliers with the golden nugget. This can also link up with the free spins to create some incredible wins.

    This is a great start to 2021 for Play’N Go, showing that it has no intention of resting on its laurels from 2020. These two releases show that the company has the dedication to keep growing.

    The CPO for the company has commented on the two new releases. He says that he thinks that the two new games, both of which offer something different, are important when it comes to pushing Play’N Go forwards. Because there is a lot of variety in the games that Play’N Go offers, this helps to make the company appealing to anyone.

    By consistently keeping the roster of games refreshed, often with something completely new, it helps the company to remain at the forefront of the industry.

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