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    Spin Town Slot Launched by Red Tiger Gaming

    Spin Town Slot Launched by Red Tiger Gaming

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 01/04-2019

    There are few iGaming developers that have been as active as Red Tiger Gaming in 2019. They have signed many deals, released several new video slots and won over countless new fans. To continue that momentum into the spring, Red Tiger Gaming have just announced the release of yet another new title, Spin Town.

    This slot takes a unique approach and is quite different to anything they have released in the past. It is a 5-reel, 40-payline title that takes place in an old English town, with a quaint-cartoon layout that is littered with wilds, high-paying symbols and features, everything you’d expect from a brand as respected as Red Tiger Gaming.

    Stacks of Wilds and More

    The streets of Spin Town are packed full of wild symbols. These symbols gather on the edges of the game screen and wait until the traffic lights turn from red to green. Once they do then the wilds cross the streets and create winning combinations. This unique setup acts like a random win feature, albeit one that appears more often than features like it.

    There are Sleepy Wilds, which fall asleep on the reels every now and then, remaining in place for a few spins before completing their transition across the game screen; Speedy Wilds, which move quickly and appear two at a time; and Couple Wilds, which can bump into each other as they cross, leaving 2x multipliers in their wake.

    And if this unique setup and these fun wilds aren’t enough to get you excited then there are other features that might do the trick. Spin Town features something known as a Wild Rock n’ Roll Shuffle. When this is activated then four wilds cross the reels looking a lot like the members of a certain famous pop band on a certain famous album cover.

    These symbols can cross the reels multiple times, creating big combo wins than they do. There are also mega wilds that come in the form of stacked symbols and Hooligan Wilds, which move in a group and cause chaos on the reels.

    On top of these big wilds and impressive features this brand new Red Tiger Gaming title also comes loaded with high-paying symbols, including a briefcase full of cash, which gives players up to 300 coins if they fill an entire payline.

    More to Come

    As mentioned above, Spin Town is just one of several big titles that Red Tiger Gaming have released, and there should be more on the way. They also recently signed a big deal with Genesis Gaming Limited, which will see their vast selection of video slots offered to casinos like Casino Joy, Vegas Hero and more.

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