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    The Different Formats of Online Poker

    Published Published 28/10-2020

    The game of poker has become internationally popular, and the increase of online poker providers has made the game more accessible. There is also a variety of different ways poker can be experienced online with various game types, formats and structures available to suit different needs.


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    Different Poker Games

    There’s a wide variety of choice available when it comes to choosing which online poker game to play. Paddy Power Online poker offer games including Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular form of poker and is the game that is usually associated with online poker. Texas Hold ‘Em is typically played as no limit, meaning you can bet as much as you have into the pot. This version of poker plays with every player being dealt two cards, and a maximum of five community cards are dealt out to make up the board. Texas Hold `Em is the version of poker that is typically represented in popular culture including movies such as Casino Royale.

    Omaha is a game where each player is dealt four cards and is typically pot limit. The other key difference is that the player has to use two cards from their hand along with three community cards. Hi-Lo is a variation that involves half of the pot being awarded to the highest-ranked hand, and half of the pot being awarded to the lowest. Other variations of poker include Stud and Draw, however these are not as commonly played as Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha.

    Tournaments and Cash Games

    Online poker is typically split into two different main formats. Tournaments and cash games are what have earned pro poker players their places on the all-time money list. Tournaments consist of players buying in for a certain amount of money and then receiving a set amount of chips. Once you lose all your chips in a tournament game of poker you are out. Tournaments range from small sit-and-goes which consist of around 6-18 players up to huge multi-day events that have 1000’s of players enter. Tournaments are the best way to maximize profits whilst playing online poker, however they can take a considerable amount of time to complete depending on the structure.

    The other main format of online poker is cash games. In cash games, players buy in for a certain amount of money and the stakes of the game will stay the same throughout. Players are also free to leave the table whenever they want, so there is no time limit on how long you can play.

    Playing from Different Devices

    Thanks to advances in technology, online poker can now be played through different kinds of devices. Smartphones allow people to play online poker on the go and from any location, providing you have access to the internet. However, for players who want to play on more than one virtual table at once, it is recommended to play on a PC or laptop. Most online poker software allows players to play on multiple tables at the same time, however this can be difficult to keep track of whilst playing on a smartphone.


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    Online poker can be played in a variety of formats through different devices. It’s a good idea to research which format will suit your game before choosing which kind of online poker you are going to play.

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