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    “The Great Catch” from Magnet Gaming Is Now Live

    “The Great Catch” from Magnet Gaming Is Now Live

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 20/09-2018

    Magnet Gaming is one of the top online software providers in the game and it recently announced that its new online slot game, The Great Catch, is live. This is a nine-reel slot game that boasts an exciting opportunity for big wins for players, with two progressive jackpots and their bonus games.

    Ready to Play

    The fun slot game features bright, bold graphics that are complemented by a cartoonish design. Within this fun aesthetic the player is put onto a small fishing boat out at sea as they attempt to help the fishermen there increase their haul. There are a range of unique symbols that create winning combinations for players such as oysters, pearly, fish finders, wet boots, fish and the lobster.

    Shark Hunt symbols are the special symbols in this game and when they are found on the reels the players will go on a shark hunt that will put them on their way to a potential jackpot prize! The shark will swim back and forth on the screen until the moment that the prize is revealed.

    If three Fish Finder symbols are found on the reel then the player will go on a fishing expedition. In this mode the player becomes a hungry seagull that tries to make a catch and satisfy its hunger. The player is given ten chances to hunt for fish and each attempt will offer up some type of prize.

    Fun bonus games

    There are also bonus games featured in The Great Catch. The “Chance” game is particularly interesting for players: if they find three Chance symbols on the reels the bonus round will begin. The player throws dice three times in an attempt to match one of the categories. There are a lot of potential paths from here: the player could earn a jackpot win, go on a shark hunt, attempt to catch fish as the seagull or even activate a jackpot flash.

    The Great Catch is a unique game that is a lot of fun for players. The fun aesthetic is made all the better with a return to player which is set at 96.5% - sure to provide players with a win!

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