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    The impact of technology on the world of casinos

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 20/11-2019

    It’s no secret that the rise of technology has disrupted many sectors, from marketing and science, to security. The world of casinos was also impacted by the digital wave.

    In many ways, technology has contributed to improving the security and accessibility of this world. From providing a customised gaming experience to the prevention of criminal activities, casinos have jumped into the tech-wagons and learned to take advantage of new technologies:

    Online casino have made casino games more accessible

    Casinos are intimidating: the abundance of wealth concentrated in one place, luxury service and extravagant outfits can be overwhelming. It is a closed world that is both open to newcomers but can also become competitive.

    Online casinos have made the games more accessible to people and have changed the way people play together, by giving the option to play online from anywhere in the world. Anyone can join a group of like-minded players from their home, tube or beach. It also creates a worldwide community of like-minded people that talk and share their passion for the game.

    For casino owners, the Internet has also expanded their pool of players and diversity of games.


    Following the topic of accessibility, bitcoin is a new tool used by online casinos for deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be sent in between users or among members of the same community, like casino players. For people who want to keep their gaming life separate from their regular bank accounts, bitcoin is a great alternative.

    As the digital currency is not regulated by a central bank, online casinos have to provide a reliable and secure system for players, like holding a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

    Smart facial recognition to guarantee security

    Smart facial recognition is a means to guarantee the security of players from any fraud or criminal activities. The technology screens the features of a player’s face and registers them in a database.

    In physical casinos, security staff checks the players’ identity and background to make sure that no cheating or extortion activities are happening on site. Online, it is more difficult to carry out ID-checks. Therefore, online casinos use the cameras of players’ phones or computers to check their identity. Unlike passwords that can be easily hacked, facial recognition is unique to each person and therefore guarantees the account’s security of each user.

    Some casinos also use it to identify people that are on self-exclusion programs. Those are self-registered programs for those who decided to stay away from the world of casinos. Facial recognition restricts their access and helps them to keep their commitment.

    Track cheating

    Advanced CCTV surveillance systems can also recognise card counters. Casinos have invested in technology that would track potential cheaters. The Mirage Resort has installed 1000 ceiling cameras and has dedicated a monitoring room with 28 wall monitors to keep an eye on what’s happening in different tables.

    Such high-security practices are common in physical casinos. American casinos in Las Vegas are known to be the incubators of the world`s most advanced surveillance technologies. For instance, the popular surveillance system NORA (Non Obvious Relationship Awareness) was actually created in Las Vegas. The software program is so effective that it is now used by US homeland security.

    NORA collects and analyses sets of data and then informs the casino staff about any suspicious behaviours or relationships between players at the same table. If a dealer and a player have exchanged calls and emails, or used the same internet connection, NORA will inform the casino staff and they will pay special attention to those two persons. Surveillance technology has played a big role in keeping casinos fair and safe for all players.

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    Big Data

    Thanks to technology, casinos have the means to customise each player’s experience, both online and offline. They use big data to register the personal preferences of each player and create the perfect casino experience when he/she comes back. Big data has helped many casinos secure customer loyalty.

    A similar strategy can also be applied online. Each player has their own setting preferences, design and set of strategies. Online casinos register this information in each player’s account.

    The digitalisation of casinos has improved the game experience and has attracted more players. 11% of total internet traffic now comes from online casino players and will keep growing. The introduction of new technologies, like Virtual Reality, could eventually bring a more realistic experience to online casinos.

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