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    The Prognosis of Kansas City Chiefs’ Pick In The NFL Draft for 2020

    Published Published 14/04-2020

    The Prognosis of Kansas City Chiefs’ Pick In The NFL Draft for 2020

    As the Champion of the Super Bowl 2020, spectators have their eyes on the Kansas City Chiefs’ pick on the upcoming NFL Draft 2020. Mock drafts have been made, and results are already available on the internet. The team will only get five picks at this years’ selection since they have traded their sixth pick for line-backer Darron Lee and their seventh pick for safety Jordan Lucas.

    The Chief also didn’t receive a compensatory pick from last year. However, they can still acquire one compensatory pick from another team by trading. The Chiefs’ will be the last one to pick on every round since they are the titleholder from the latest Super Bowl.

    The Kansas City Chiefs’ Draft Pick For 2020

    Since the planned schedule of the 2020 NFL Draft is just around the corner, everyone has been talking about each teams’ pick. For the Chiefs, these are the overall picks for this upcoming draft.

    ● Round 1 - No. 32

    ● Round 2 - No. 63 (Via San Francisco)

    ● Round 3 - No. 96

    ● Round 4 - No. 138

    ● Round 5 - 177

    With their last two picks being traded, there are only five chances where they can pick a draft. But the possibilities may change if there will be a team who is willing to trade their compensatory pick, the Chiefs will have more opportunities this year.

    There will be three days for the team to pick the player they are going to draft. The first round will be done on the first day of the NFL draft then followed by series 2 and 3 on the second day. The 4-7 rounds of the selection will be held on the third and last day of the event.

    Each team has to take turns in picking their draft. In the first round of the selection, the team only has a 10-minute window to choose their draft, which then goes down to 7 minutes on the 2nd round. The time allocated will lessen during each round. The third and sixth rounds will be 5 minutes until it will all come down to 4 minutes in the last round.

    The Mock Draft Result

    As the No. 32 in the first round of picking, there is a big chance that most of the promising players in this year’s list of prospects will already be chosen. It is a tough situation to be in. You got to choose what’s left of the best. But that won’t be a problem for the Chiefs, whatever their plan is, we’ll find out soon.

    Currently, the result of the latest mock draft only specifies 3 out of the five rounds for the Chiefs. The projected first pick of the season for the Chiefs will be A.J Epenesa, a defensive lineman. It’s from the result of the mock draft from the draft wire projected by Luke Easterling, though the result from Chiefs’ wire is different.

    According to Talon Graff, they predicted that cornerback Damon Arnette would be the first pick. Trading was in Easterling’s mind when he chose Epenesa for the Chiefs. The pick that made it to the No. 63 spot for the Kansas City Chiefs was running back J.K Dobbins. He is an excellent addition to the team’s potent offence.

    The name for the No. 96 pick is Michael Ojemudia, who is a cornerback with good size and length. But his ability to play man press coverage in the NFL is a little worrying. The analysts will make more mock drafts as the event will happen soon.

    However, in Chris Trapasso’s version of the mock draft, his top 3 picks for the Chiefs were Junior CB from Utah Jaylon Johnson, Junior RB from Georgia D’Andre Swift, and OL from LSU Damien Lewis. The NFL Draft even added the 4th and 5th rounds to their mock draft.

    The No. 138 of the Chiefs pick, according to Trapasso’s projection, will be Joe Bachie, a Linebacker from Michigan State. In the No. 177 is Antoine Brooks, Jr., a safety from Maryland. It is already predicted that the Chiefs will be adding two more defensive players to their team. With the team’s safety position player Thornhill coming out of an ACL injury, Brooks will be a good pick.

    What Is A Mock Draft?

    For a better understanding, a mock draft is a simulation of the sports league draft. It is a practice for an upcoming drafting event. Mock drafts are made by the experts to help the fans have an excellent projection of the possible outcome of the selection.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t follow the method of each team’s general manager. That’s why the result from a mock draft doesn’t conclude the exact outcome of the draft. It’s also a guide for sports magazines and websites, which they made available for the fans.


    Different analysts have different results on each pick for the teams. However, these picks are not the basis of how each group will choose during the draft. But you can use this as a reference for the NFL draft prop bets. The outcome of the draft is yet to be known when the selection time comes.

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