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    The Rise Online Gambling Industry in Finland

    Author Osama Published Published 20/12-2021

    People in Finland have always been fascinated by entertainment and gambling. Gambling started in Finland in the 1920s when slot games were introduced in the country. In the 1930s the government realized the people’s habituation to play slots because of the growing number of individuals who launched slot machines businesses. The government made sure that charities are the only institution allowed to operate slots. Raha-automaattiyhdisty (RAY) pioneered in 1939 the entities which controlled the gambling world of the land. Back then, RAY controlled slot games until its scope grew larger as time went by.

    At present gambling is one of the best amusements in Finland. Helsinki Casino is a big house of gambling in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Players can play poker, blackjack, baccarat punto banco, roulette, and slot machines.

    The online casino is the rage in Finland at present because it is modern and can be played using their smartphone or any gadget. Top-rated online casino websites such as introduces various online gambling sites which the site constantly upgrades, They also propose bonuses and promos which promises an increase in a customer's bankroll.

    Reasons for its popularity

    · Convenience is the number one reason. Players have the opportunity to play anywhere and anytime whichever they fancy. Whether they play in the airport while waiting for their flight at midnight or in one of the mountain ranges or simply having a cozy afternoon at the veranda. They can place a bet online and get the chance to win.

    · A chance to win is another highlight of an online casino that makes people drawn to it. Virtual gambling has a higher chance of increasing their bankroll more than their deposits because of the generosity of online casinos in their bonuses and benefits. Plus the odds and cash back percentages on online casinos are much higher than land-based casinos.

    · The wide variety of games offered in the online casino is the third-best reason for its fame. Besides the selection of games that they offer, each game also represents a theme to delight gambling enthusiasts more. Slot machines have themes from a movie or their favorite character. Graphics and sounds are also fantastic and can be played using AR/VR.

    · All players can enjoy their winnings 100% in Finland because they are tax-free.

    Things we have to be aware of gambling in the land of smiles:

    The government of Finland may seem lenient to gambling especially in betting online but they are also “protective” to their people’s welfare. The government assigned four entities that would control and monopolize the gambling event that is happening in the land and the sea.

    1. RAY

    I already mentioned it earlier being the pioneer among the entities. It is responsible for all land-based casinos including table games, slot machines and oversees all gambling affairs.

    2. Oy Veikkaus AB

    Another one of the gambling operators is responsible for the national lottery, instant win games, and sports betting.

    3. Fintoto Oy

    This operator controls and manages horse races and their betting activities in Finland.

    4. Alands Penningautomatförening or PAF

    This operator is responsible for all the gambling operations in the island of Aland province and the casino online games of the cruise ships near the North and Baltic seas. Any website run by PAF is accessible nationwide.

    Additional things we have to know:

    · It is forbidden for foreign online casinos to advertise in Finland. Any form of advertisement is not allowed. However, players from Finland can wager in any online casinos offshore.

    · The government of Finland and the European Union don’t see eye to eye with regards to Finland’s policy about gambling. The EU wanted the latter to be not so strict to foreign online casino investors.

    · All profits gained from gambling go to charity from the 1930's up to the present.

    Final Insight:

    The transition of the gambling industry is easily embraced by the people in Finland. However, the rules imposed on them have to be followed and considered as integral.

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