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    3 funny stories from live casino sessions

    Published Published 04/01-2021

    The advent of the internet has meant that a lot of gambling is now done online, but there are still plenty of live, physical casinos which have it all, from slots to roulette and blackjack tables.

    The great advantage of playing at a live casino instead of online is the social element. Even if you go by yourself, you can still soak up the atmosphere, meet new people and forge new memories.

    Read on to discover three funny stories from live casino sessions.


    The man with the Midas touch

    I was at a casino in Las Vegas several years ago after a friend convinced me to come along. He was only ever interested in the slot machines – and he would never play table games.

    He had long claimed that he could always pick the best slot machines that are “ready” for a big payout. I always found it hard to believe and I never really understood the appeal behind playing slots anyway.

    Anyway, on this night out together, he wanted to prove to me that he could figure out which slot machine will pay out after just a few spins.

    Somehow, the first machine he picked paid out a few hundred bucks on just his fourth spin. For a second I almost believed he actually had a foolproof system, but he spent the rest of the night playing slots without getting another win again. And he later admitted to me that he had just got super lucky.

    The busted card counter

    Card counting is a legitimate way to increase your chances of winning a game of blackjack. And, although it’s not illegal, it is against all casinos’ house rules.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in live casinos, but I’ve only ever seen one person get thrown out for card counting.

    It was in 2015, and a guy on my table was doing pretty well that night, although, to be honest, nothing about it seemed suspicious to me at the time.

    In the middle of one game, he was approached by security and it was clear that he had been caught counting cards. I have no idea what punishment he received and if he was allowed to keep his winnings, but I imagine he wasn’t and he most likely received a lifetime ban from that casino.

    First time lucky

    I don’t usually try to encourage my non-gambling friends to hit a casino with me, but I once persuaded a pal of mine to come with a few others for a game or two of poker at one of our local casinos.

    She had never played poker in her life, so it took me a while to explain to her the rules and what hands are stronger than others.

    Anyway, she somehow managed to win the first game of poker she ever played, and I still play online poker with her until this day.

    How can I find a good live casino near me?

    If you’re now in the mood for playing at a live casino, you can check out this live casinos list to find a brick-and-mortar casino near you.

    Remember, not all casinos will have every game and some will have quite a limited selection of slot machines to play, so it’s a good idea to check a few out so you can determine which is best suited to you.

    What are the best live casino games to play?

    Playing slots is the most popular form of gambling at US live casinos, but many table games, like roulette and blackjack, also remain very popular.

    It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and if you’re simply looking to socialize and have a good time or if winning money is your priority.

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