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    Three Incredible Casino Stories You Haven’t Heard About

    Author Osama Published Published 25/10-2021

    We all dream about that one special casino game that results in a big win. We dream about these fun experiences leading to big wins that changes our lives. In this article, we will tell you three real-life incredible casino stories you haven't heard about. These gambling stories will hopefully inspire your own gambling story and we hope to one day be able to write about you. The article includes tips and tricks as well as information about the gambling industry.

    Alisson's No Deposit Luck

    Alisson was working as a cocktail waitress at Smokey Kudu in Peckham, working long hours and struggling to make ends meet. On her commute to work, she decided to try something new on the long train ride. She decided to try an Online Casino, but because she hadn't done it before she headed over to a comparison site. There she learnt about different bonuses. She decided to opt for a casino with no deposit casino bonus.

    The Casino she choose gave her a £10 no deposit fee which she could use on any of the available slot machines. She decided to play the popular NetEnt Slot "Starburst". At first, she had no luck and the more she spins the more she felt like giving up. With her last £1 she decided to bet it all. The reels spun and it landed on a super combo! Which meant that her £1 became £3! Alisson was so happy when she stepped off the train and walked home.

    The following day Alisson decided to do the same to just bet all at once and once again she hit a super combo on the first try. Alisson could not believe it in two spins she had gone from £1 to £6. Now, this might not seem like a lot but it did not stop here. A couple of more spins and she was up at £40! She only had a few stops left before getting off and decided to now really gamble. She bet £40 on one bet. It felt like an eternity until the reels stopped but when they did she had spun free re-spins as well as a Mega win! Ending up with £1.540 and remember she started with a no deposit bonus!

    Our tip: Find a casino bonus that fits you! No-deposit Bonuses are some of our favourite bonuses!

    John's Poker glory

    John had some experience from the gambling world. He had visited a blackjack table in Atlantic City as well as tried a casino in Las Vegas. He, therefore, was happy to see that more and more online casinos were offering Live Casino games on their websites. John searched on casino comparison sites and found a gambling website that offered a 100% Match-up bonus on the first deposit. A Match-up bonus was the best type of bonus for him as it doubled his money and gave him more shots at the different casino tables.

    He deposited £40 and got an additional £40 from the casino. With his £80 pounds he decided to try the casino's Roulette tables to see if he could have some luck there. As he is an avid gambler he decided to head over to the high rollers table. There he placed a bet of £15 on "Odd" and "Black" and to his surprise, he won! He kept playing for a while and though he had some minor hick-ups he ended with a new total of £420.

    With his new total, John decided to take his gambling to the poker table. Poker had long been a game that he loved to try but was unsure of how to play, so he started slow with small blinds and the more he understood the game the more he dared. He decided to try the high rollers poker table. Counting cards is illegal and impossible when it comes to online gambling but when he first got to the table he decided to observe first and see how the other players at the table were acting with their money.

    After observing, John decided on how much money he was willing to lose. He decided that he was willing to lose all of what he had won that day and decided to go in hard placing a bet of £200. After the river it was just him and another player left, John decided to go all in. With a Royal Flush, he won £11.600. If you also like the poker tables then we suggest grabbing a bonus of your choice and heading over to the casino tables.

    Our Tip: Play games you like and find entertaining. Finding the games you like will make playing games fun and entertaining also when you lose.

    Anonymous Sports betting Winner

    The first story and second featured two people who choose to be mentioned by name. The third story features a player who prefers to remain anonymous. This player won all his money betting on sports. Most sports betting casinos offer both bonuses on their casino web pages as well as their sports betting pages. Our anonymous player had previously tried a slot machine game as well as tried his luck at the roulette table but knowing that there was a sports event coming up he decided to place a bet on that.

    Our anonymous player decided to place a £5 bet on Liverpool winning 5-0 against Manchester United, and as well all know that is how the game ended. Our anonymous player won £36.000! This is how easy it can go to win at online casinos, as long as you always gamble responsibly.

    Our tip: Check what different promotions the casino has, sometimes you can get welcome bonuses for both the casino site and the sports gambling site!


    After learning about these incredible stories, we hope you feel more comfortable about your own casino dream. Casino websites are great as they give you the chance to spin the roulette wheel or head to the craps table from the comfort of your own home. Playing poker, spinning slots and enjoying some blackjack should always be fun. Winnings should not be something you are depended on but should be seen as a treat. Therefore, our final tip:

    Always gamble responsibly. if you have a gambling problem, contact customer support and they will help you.

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