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    ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera is Launched by Blueprint Gaming Limited

    ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera is Launched by Blueprint Gaming Limited

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 11/07-2019

    A short while after launching their Mystery Spin Deluxe Megaways slot, the British developer Blueprint Gaming Limited has just announced yet another new creation, ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera. This casino game features 20-paylines across 5-reels and offers a plethora of interesting features to keep slot fans happy.

    A Well Known Brand

    Blueprint Gaming Limited used an official press release to describe the details of their new ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera video slot. They announced that it was created in partnership with the consumer division of Warner Bros Entertainment, which is where they acquired the ThunderCats license.

    ThunderCats was a popular cartoon in the 1980s and with the launch of ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera it will be the second time that this brand has licensed itself for the iGaming industry. It’s big news for fans of the TV show who will now be sent on a nostalgic trip courtesy of Blueprint Gaming.

    Carefully Crafted

    Blueprint Gaming, which is a subsidiary of the German-based Gauselmann Group, announced that ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera was “carefully crafted” by its top-notch design and development team. They also went into detail regarding the slot’s features, saying that it would include a host of characters from the show, including Panthro, Tygra and Lion-O, all of which will face-off against their arch-nemesis, just like they did in the TV show.

    ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera will feature as many as seven prize modifiers, which can be activated via the Eye of Thundera. Blueprint Gaming have also announced that ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera will feature lucrative jackpots split across the half-dozen bonus features that are included in this video slot.

    It’s an action-packed, feature-rich title that personifies all that was great and good about the TV show from which it takes its name. It will no doubt go down well with ThunderCat fans as well as general video slot fans looking for a fun and unique gaming experience.

    More Big Names

    There has been a concerted effort to welcome classic licenses into the iGaming sector, including everything from TopCat to Beavis and Butt-Head. Blueprint Gaming have been behind a lot of these efforts and ThunderCats is just one of many titles to come from this.

    They also recently released The Goonies, which is based on the classic kids adventure tale of the same name, one that is remembered fondly by anyone above the age of 30 and is considered one of the greatest films of the 1980s. Blueprint Gaming are also responsible for Top Cat and Mars Attacks, the latter of which was released within the last couple months and includes 20-paylines across 5-reels.

    A representative for the company noted how their recent ThunderCats title had proved to be very popular, before stating that they expected the ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera online slot to be just as well received.

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