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    Top 6 Most Popular Musicians Openly Fans of Casino Gambling

    Author Osama Published Published 21/02-2022

    Casino gambling is a worldwide phenomenon that has been gaining in popularity for decades. It's not just the older generation of retirees who enjoy taking their money to the casino nowadays, but also younger generations. There are many famous musicians who openly admit to being huge fans of casino gambling, and they're not ashamed to say it! We've compiled a list of six popular musicians who are openly fans of casino gambling.



    1. Beto Cuevas

    Argentinian musician Beto Cuevas is one of the biggest music icons in Latin America. He is best known as the lead singer of the South American rock band La Ley. Beto Cuevas is a huge fan of casino gambling and often goes to play roulette. He is an avid poker player and even won a high-stakes round at Hollywood Park Casino. He's also said that he loves the thrill of roulette and has played it in casinos worldwide. He probably did not know Hyperino yet.

    2. Kenny Rogers

    Kenny Rogers is one of the best country music artists of all time, with over 100 million records sold worldwide. He was a huge fan of casino gambling, and he was probably best known for his hit song 'The Gambler.' It's a good thing that Kenny Rogers had the bankroll to play at casinos because he was a huge spender when it comes to gambling. In Atlantic City alone, Rogers has been said to have dropped over $1 million on one spin on a slot machine. He has also spent over $50,000 in one night at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

    3. Elton John

    Sir Elton John is perhaps one of the most versatile musicians of all time, with record sales surpassing more than 250 million copies worldwide. Elton John has dealt with his fair share of gambling issues. He has had many problems with addiction for most of his adult life, suffering from severe depression, alcohol abuse, and drug addiction. It was reported that he once gambled away his entire US$7 million salaries on a single night after playing one show in Las Vegas. Due to these issues, Elton John now lives a sober and healthy life.

    4. Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra is a timeless classic, the Chairman of the Board who captured the hearts of many women and men alike. The legendary crooner was a big fan of casino gambling, and he would often frequent casinos if his tour passed through Las Vegas. It wasn't just ladies that Frank Sinatra loved, though, as he also had a passion for sports gambling. This is one of the reasons why he was so connected to Vegas, as it turned out to be an ideal location for him for both. If you didn't have the money in your hand when meeting Sinatra, though, he would not be too pleased with you. He was known to have ejected people from his table for not being able to meet his bets.

    5. Sean “P Diddy” Combs

    Sean “P Diddy” Combs is one of the biggest music moguls in the world. A self-made billionaire, Sean “P Diddy” Combs has made a name for himself as an artist and fashion designer over the course of his almost 30-year career. His passion for gambling is known to many people in the industry. Sean “P Diddy” Combs loves playing Blackjack in his spare time, a game you will find. He has put out some massive bets on card games during his career, but he also loves sports betting. One of his biggest bets ever was a $500,000 bet on Super Bowl XLIV. Combs won the bet and walked away with a cool half a million dollars.



    6. Justin Bieber

    Although he may be young, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest music icons in the world right now, with many awards to his name and record-breaking sales all over the globe. He has not gone through any major casino gambling scandals, but it's interesting to note that he would often go to casinos with friends during his rise to fame. He has also admitted that he loved playing blackjack and would always follow the basic strategy. We all know that Justin Bieber is more of a big spender when it comes to strip clubs than in casinos!


    Although we know that these celebrities love to spend their money on casinos and gambling, you'd probably be better off following their sound advice instead. Playing casino games can sometimes become an addiction, so you should always remember to play responsibly and only with the money you can afford to lose. Casino gambling should be done responsibly so you don't find yourself losing more than you can afford.

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