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    Two new slots from Yggdrasil and Nolimit City

    Two new slots from Yggdrasil and Nolimit City

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 25/07-2019

    Yggdrasil and Nolimit city are treating players this week as they release a new video slot each. Nolimit City has released Tractor Beam, a video slot that adds alien abduction to the wonder of living on a farm. Yggdrasil has released Untamed Wilds, a video slot that throws players into the harshest of conditions and tasks them with trying to win over wild animals in order to walk away with the biggest prize.

    Fighting in the Nordic outback

    Untamed Wilds is a game that looks incredible. It creates an interactive and highly engaging atmosphere instantly and ensures that players are dragged right into the story of the game. Players must fight to stay alive while attempting to lure wild animals toward themselves. Once they have them lured in, it is time to tame then and win big!

    The game itself has a period of exclusivity at Svenska Spel Sport & Casino, meaning only players at this venue will be able to play the game. It also includes a range of wild animals within the game, each one native to the nordic outback.

    A wolf, bear and moose are all on offer when playing Untamed Wilds. Each animal offers a different experience to the player. With different bonuses being applied as you play, each animal has positives and negatives that the others do not possess. The bear and wolf both increase wilds in different ways while the moose gives a multiplier increase.

    Jonas Strandman of Yggdrasil claims that Untamed Wilds is “a high-quality production”. With the quality of graphics that are on show combined with diverse gameplay, it’s really hard to argue with this statement.

    Creating crop circles?

    Tractor Beam is a departure from the realistic slant of Untamed Wilds. With exciting alien invasion based features and entertaining graphics, this amazing game is definitely going to a smile on your face. The animals on the farm are at risk of being abducted by the invading aliens! But this time, it’s not your job to save them though. Playing as the aliens means that the more you can beam up, the bigger the wins you can generate.

    There is a wide range of different features to be found in Tractor Beam. The first is “Beam ‘em Up”. This removes any lower paying symbols from the reels and makes it easier to create a big win. The second is the “Clone Attack”. This clones stacks of high paying symbols and places them on the reels, allowing you another chance of a big win.

    Nolimit City is indeed proud to have created one of the most fun online slots of its time. In fact, a spokesperson commented: “We’ve created a fun and vibrant slot with astonishingly polished graphics.” This is obvious from the first moment of playing Tractor Beam, which even includes the animals pulling a funny face as they are taken away by the aliens.

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