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    Why Play Live Online Casino?

    Author Mats Published Published 06/09-2021

    Providing players with an option to play casino games online from wherever or whenever they choose online casinos have been about for over twenty five years evolving further as technology advanced until they are now some of the most popular options of playing today.

    We all lead busy lives so being able to play at will ticks a lot of boxes for many players and for a lot of those players live online casinos are some of the most exciting ways to enjoy their favourite games. Video streaming technology in this case is used to such an effect that live online casino games are about as close as anyone can get without actually leaving their homes and stepping through the doors of a land based venue.

    So What is so Good About Live Casino Games?

    Besides being able to play live games when and wherever you choose, live online casino games are fully immersive with games all taking place in real time. Streamed to your screen from a real bricks and mortar venue all games are hosted by a real live human being who you can chat to via the live chat option on your screen. Players can also congratulate other players ‘sitting’ at the table when wins happen and commiserate over losses via the same chat option.

    All the above options make sure that players are receiving the best possible experience whilst playing. The live video feed really does give you the taste of ‘being right there’ without being in a physical casino.

    Where to Look For Great Live Online Casino Action

    If trying out the live online casino experience appeals to you then finding the right place to play is essential. Visiting a site that has stood the test of time and is well respected within the industry is a great start and is one of the best online casino sites in 2021.

    Not only does this site offer some of the best live online casino games around, it was established back in 2015 which is testament of just how good the site is. The online gambling industry is highly competitive so being able to last the test of time means that the site has evolved with its players' requirements, listening to what they want and consistently delivering. The live online games provided by Fruity King include roulette, blackjack and baccarat with many variations to suit all tastes

    Of course the live online games provided are not the only games on offer at Fruity King, there is a wide selection of slots games on offer as well as a full selection of table and card games to enjoy including video poker.

    A Few Fun Facts

    ● The first gambling establishment in Europe legally opened in Venice back in 1638 although gambling is mentioned no matter how far back in time we look. It really does seem that wherever groups of people congregate gambling takes place in one way or another.

    ● The earliest evidence of gambling which is concrete comes from Ancient China. Unearthed tiles that appear to have been used for a game of chance and the ‘Chinese Book of Songs’ also makes references to the ‘drawing of wood’ which suggest that the unearthed tiles were used in some type of lottery.

    ● There is a claim by Sophocles who was a Greek poet that dice were invented by a mythological hero during the siege of Troy and although this is not very likely it was the first mention of dice in Greek history, although dice existed far earlier with a pair being uncovered from an Egyptian tomb from 3000bc. What we do know is that the Ancient Greeks and Romans loved to gamble on just about anything they could and this gambling included games although gambling and games were actually forbidden within the ancient city of Rome.

    ● It is commonly acknowledged that the first playing cards appeared in China in the 9th century although the rules have long been lost. The way games were played using the cards falls into a few camps with some schools of thought saying that the cards were used like trading cards whilst others say that the first packs of cards were used as a type of paper domino.

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