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    Yggdrasil obtain regulation in Isle of Man

    Yggdrasil obtain regulation in Isle of Man

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 18/01-2020

    Yggdrasil has added to its catalogue of regulatory licenses today with a new license to offer B2B services in the Isle of Man. This will ensure that it can continue to operate in a number of current areas as well as adding some new ones.

    This new licence in the Isle of Man means that Yggdrasil are fully regulated in four of the top regions within Europe.

    The seven-year-old company has been increasing the number of video slots and other casino games it offers over the last few years. As well as this it has also been moving into promotional tools to offer to casino operators.

    Yggdrasil has also been at the front of the social responsibility movement. It has regularly made sure that the policies that it carries out are not harmful to players. One of the cornerstones of the Yggdrasil business model is to not take advantage of players who might be vulnerable.

    Yggdrasil has also been taking steps to move into more markets around Europe, as well as solidifying its current status in the markets it already has access to. The new license to operate in the Isle of Man is the first step of 2020 to head towards though targets. It is expected to follow this up with some new partnerships agreements as well as possibly making headways with other licenses from new regulators.

    Ensuring that it stays within the license agreement

    The Chief Executive Officer of Yggdrasil announced that this new license was not a surprise to them. As Yggdrasil always makes sure it sticks to the rules in place it knew that it was only a matter of time before the Isle of Man license was confirmed.

    He also said that Yggdrasil is a proud company that feels a sense of worth by sticking to the rules. It is its intention to be fair to customers and not to chase revenues over the well-being of people.

    His final point was that this new license was just the start of Yggdrasil’s move into new and exciting regulated markets.

    The news about the new license came just after Yggdrasil released its first games to the Finnish casino market. After signing a deal in the middle of 2018 it took a lot of work and testing to get to the release date. By late 2019 Yggdrasil finally went live and saw its games being shown to a whole new audience.

    This was the culmination of a year long journey to try and add content into new markets. During 2019 Yggdrasil made its first steps in the Spanish market, Czech market and into Latin America. All of this came after it also managed to begin offering services in Sweden.

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