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    Part 23: Dare to Bet

    Author Anonymous Published Published 23/03-2019

    Admittedly I have not dared to bet too much, I feel like it’s a bit scary to bet €5 when the chance to lose is at times very high. I do feel lately that I have gotten a lot more confident when it comes to Blackjack, so I thought why not try to bet a bit higher than normal.

    I tried the game called Black Jack Solo, which can be found under “Casino Games” on Dealers Casino.

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    I started with some small bets of €1 each. Here are my results:

    Bet 1: I was dealt Queen and 10 = 20 so I decided to stand, the dealer got 19 so I won €1

    Bet 2: On the second bet I got two 7’s so I decided to split. On the one side I got a 5 and decided to Hit so my total was 19, on the other hand I got a 10 which equals 17, I should’ve stopped but my greed made me press: Hit… which also ended up with me Busting (as expected)… The dealer got 22 so I won €1

    Bet3: On the third bet I got a 9 and then 6 I decided to Hit and got 18, where I decided to Stand. The dealer got two Kings and therefore I did not win.

    Play Blackjack at Dealers Casino Play Blackjack at Dealers Casino

    After these small bets I decided to try three bets with €5 each, here is how that went:

    Bet 1: Two 8’s, I decided to split. On my first hand I got a 10 and decided to Stand (with a total of 18). On the second and I got a 5, I decided to hit, after I got a 3 but I just had to Hit, I got another 5 (equals 21, which means I won!). The dealer got 19 so I only won on one hand.

    Bet 2: An Ace and a 5 (which means I have either 6/16 in total) I had to Hit. I got a 3 which means I got either 9/19… I had to stand… The dealer got 2 Queens and I lost.

    Play Blackjack at Dealers Casino

    Bet 3: On my last €5 bet (I had almost maxed out my balance so If I wanted to try a €10 bet, I needed to keep this as my last €5 bet), I was dealt a 5 and 8 = 13, I decided to Hit, another 3… =16… I decided to hit got a 6… BUST… now the nerves where high… I only had €12 left in my balance

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    I have to admit that the feeling is quite nerve-racking, yet extremely thrilling in a positive way. Was I going to lose all of my casino balance in this one last hand… or was I going to double my current balance? Here is how it went:

    Bet 1: €10 bet, and I feel the nerves. I press deal and get a 7 and a 5 = 12, I know I have to Hit but the nerves…. Trembling I press Hit….9!!! A 9!!! 21 I won! I doubled my balance!

    Play Blackjack at Dealers Casino

    This is why gambling is fun, the thrill! The unknown on the other side of the card! This time I was lucky, and I managed to get back all of what I had bet, but it is also good to remember that we have to set our own boundaries. Say that we will only gamble for €50-€100 one month and stick to that, otherwise it’s easy to get carried away. If you feel like you are having troubles with controlling the amount you gamble for, all good casinos offer a friendly customer support that can help you set deposit limits. Dealers Casino also has an extensive section called “Responsible Gaming Policy”, where you can read more about how you can get help.

    Back to the positive, if you, like I, still feel in control and want to see what happens with your casino balance, and you have not yet tried the thrill of playing blackjack, test it out by registering your account at Dealers Casino right here.

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