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    Part 26: Slot machines and scores

    Author Anonymous Published Published 03/04-2019

    After a short weekend holiday where I took an active break from online casinos I am back and ready to rumble. I have €27.64 in my casino balance and I want to see how much I can increase it by playing three of the new slot machine games available in the Dealers Casino lobby. In each slot I choose to only gamble €5, so not too much but enough to get a quick insight to the games.

    Play Slot Machines at Dealers Casino

    Rumble Rhino

    This game is from PariPlay and is associated with To be honest it is the first game I’ve ever seen that is cooperating with an environmentally friendly cause where 10% of all the profits go to help the endangered species. The introduction is really cosy and makes me think of the Lion King, and the game includes Mega Symbols and a Bonus Game but for €5 I don’t think I will get to try it.

    Play Rumble Rhino online slot at Dealers Casino Play Rumble Rhino online slot at Dealers Casino

    So here it goes (minimum deposit is €0.5 that equals a total of 10 spins).

    Spin 1: I got some nice wilds and won €0.64

    Spin 2: I spun some wilds again and won €0.5

    Spin 3: SIX OF A KIND! Plus wilds equalled a win of €1.84… I was on a roll

    Spin 4: Nothing

    Spin 5: Nothing… damint did I jinx it

    Spin 6: Nothing

    Spin 7: Nothing

    Spin 8: Bonus symbol but nothing happened…

    Spin 9: Nothing

    Spin 10: a €0.63 win

    Overall opinion after 10 Spins: The music is fun as are the graphics, wins come by relatively often, it has an RTP of 95.52% and a Hit Frequency of 20.28% but as it always is with low bets, you never really win too much. The game is still quite entertaining though.

    I would give it 7/10 Anonymous A’s (maybe even 8 as it is a beneficiary for the endangered Rhinos that I loose.)


    The second game I decided to try out is supplied by Play’n GO. This game has a Bonus Round Feature and a Super Bonus Round Feature. It includes three special symbols that can trigger the features or in other ways be beneficiary. The minimum deposit is €0.2 Which means I can bet 25 times:

    Play Contact online slot at Dealers Casino Play Contact online slot at Dealers Casino

    Spin 1: €0.8 Win

    Spin 2: €0.08 win – that is ridiculous low.

    Spin 3: Nothing

    Spin 4 – Spin 9: Nothing

    Spin 10: A wiiin! €0.28 x 2 (when you start winning the music gets more intense that is quite a fun feature)

    Spin 11: Another win! €0.14 x 2 = a win of €0.28

    Spin 12: Nothing

    Spin 13: €0.9 win!

    Spin 14-17: Nada

    Spin 18: €0.08 win

    Spin 19-21: Nothing again

    Spin 22: €0.08 – I hate these miniscule winnings they just annoy me

    Spin 23 – 25: Nothing

    Overall opinion after 25 Spins: The music becomes slightly annoying after a little bit even if it changes slightly after you start winning. The game has an RTP of 94.5% but to be honest I don’t find it that interesting, even if the Aztec temple graphics are quite cool. It just didn’t really have anything super special and the minimum wins are ridiculous.

    I would give this game a score of 4/10 Anonymous A’s.

    Book of Immortals

    This is the last game I’m going to test out today… I’ve heard a lot of online casino members enjoy the “Books”-games. I think these games are just slot machines with “Book” in their title, but I thought I should give it a go myself before I pass any judgement.

    This game is supplied by iSoftBet and includes special symbols and features. One of the special features is expanding Free Spins, that seems fun…

    Play Book of Immortals online slot at Dealers Casino Play Book of Immortals online slot at Dealers Casino

    The minimum bet is a €0.01-coin value on 10 bet lines = €0.1. This means I have 50 Spins to try out.

    Spin 1: I managed to spin a special symbol and win €0.29

    Spin 2 – 4: Nothing

    Spin 5: €0.05 Win, I mean I know I’m not betting a lot but that is a very very small win.

    Spin 6: €0.08 win – my first win without any special symbols helping me out.

    Spin 7 – 14: No win, and actually a bit boring… as there are no special animations when you don’t win it makes it a bit boring to not win.

    Spin 15; €0.08 win

    Spin16: Nothing

    Spin 17: BIG BIG WIN! I managed to spin the scatter that transformed my other symbols to paying symbols and I won on all the lines €1.4!

    Spin 18: Nothing

    Spin 19: the scatter once again helped me scoring a €0.13 win

    Spin 20: €0.05 win

    Spin 21 – 23: Nothing

    Spin 24: €0.05

    Spin 25-28: nothing

    Spin 29: €0.18

    Spin 30 – 35: Nothing

    Spin 36: €0.13

    Spin 37- 40: No wins

    Spin 41: €0.05 win, It gets a bit tiering playing slots when you don’t win often at all..

    Spin 42-45: Nothing

    Spin 46: €0.05 Win

    Spin 47-49: No wins

    Spin 50: WIN! €0.1

    Overall opinion after 50 spins: it becomes a bit boring. I didn’t have the game’s own music on as I was listening to my own, but I don’t think even the greatest music could’ve made it more interesting. I think I am partly to blame as of course the games become more fun when the bet is bigger and the chances to win are bigger. Oh well.. This game has a return to player of 96.31% but I can’t say that you feel it.

    I would give this game a score of 4/10 Annonymous A’s.

    Come to think about…maybe slots are just not my thing… hahahah

    Whether or not you are a slot person, Dealers Casino has the games for you.

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